Bonding Over Food with Ronsley Vaz

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Ronsley Vaz, who is the chief food sharer at Bond Appetit, a company that unites people over food. He is the host of Australia’s number one food podcast on iTunes and the author of the upcoming book Fuel: Uniting Peak Performers Over Food. During the show, we discuss sharing meals, entrepreneurs and gratitude, essentialism, podcasting, and ‘soapboxisodes.’


Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about sharing food and the impact that has on families and relationships.
  • How did you come to take Bond Appetit and niche it to entrepreneurs?
  • What bad habits and traits do you see with the entrepreneurs you cook for that are holding them back?
  • Talk about podcasting, what it has done for your business, and how you’re leveraging it.
  • Tell us about Podcast Revolution.


Key Lessons Learned:

Meet Ronsley

  • Ronsley cooks for entrepreneurs and provides them food, but sees it more as a service to provide time.
  • He has been cooking professionally for more than nineteen years and started to run his own fresh food restaurants specializing in uniquely flavored food.
  • Ronsley focuses on entrepreneurs and people who are high achievers but don’t have the time, mental space, or energy to focus on cooking and eating well.


Sharing Meals

  • The importance of sharing can be seen with the move toward the sharing economy. E.g. Uber, AirBnB.
  • We forget the connection made around the table when sharing a meal with someone.
  • When sharing a meal, it is important to keeping the distractions away and keeping the conversation focused on each other.
  • When we stop to eat, our body gets ready to digest.
  • Based on a study of families that ate together at least once per week, there was no sign of depression with teenage kids in the family.


Entrepreneurs and Gratitude

  • High achieving entrepreneurs often write daily in a gratitude journal.
  • Exercise: make a list of 100 things you are grateful for.



  • This is the discipline pursuit of less and doing the things we are good at and love to do, while not doing the other things and pretending to be busy.
  • We are always taught to look at our weaknesses and make them better, but not taught to recognize our strengths and focus on them.
  • Focus on your strengths and delegate the rest.
  • Figure out what you don’t like to do and takes up your time so you can outsource and use that time to either work on revenue generating business activities or spend time with your family.


Making Change With The Auditory

  • The auditory sense is the first sense we develop in our mother’s womb and is how we communicate with our parents.
  • All change in human history points back to a point in time when a speech was made that changed a group of people’s minds.
  • Today, we have the ability to create our own personal movements on passions and have the hardware to create change in our pocket.



  • As a PR tool, Ronsley finds podcasting to be more effective than spending thousands of dollars on a PR campaign.
  • It’s important for businesses to go to where people are looking at your message.
  • Create a podcast, get guests to talk about things you’re interested in, become the center point where the information is gathered.
  • Podcasts are great for analytics, as you can trace how many people have been on your show and how many people listen to it.
  • Podcasting is speaking to a niched audience and can be done with very little financial investment.
  • Relationships formed through podcasting with guests and listeners are extremely powerful.


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