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I’m Jessica Rhodes. I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts and articles from marketers and top podcasters talking about how they have seventy-thousand downloads, or how they got to the top of iTunes, and when I go to those sites I see that there’s this list of how they marketed their show. What frustrates me is there’s not enough podcasters saying, “Hey, how I grew a big audience and how I got a lot of attention on my podcast is that I created a really highly produced podcast with compelling content.”

I want to thank Dave Jackson for inspiring this because he is somebody that’s out there talking about, and really I’ve gotten that from it. Compelling content a phrase that I heard him say a couple of weeks ago, and so I wanted to do an episode today talking about how to actually create a more compelling podcast. There is no shortage of marketing advice out there, but what I don’t think enough entrepreneur podcasters are thinking about is how to produce a show that’s actually compelling and really highly produced and great to listen to.

The first thing you can do is get some custom music made for your show. There’s tons of stock music sites; some are really high quality and sound fantastic. What will make you stand out is if you use music that is custom, that is written and produced by a musician you know. The podcast that I use for this video show, for my podcast, is written and produced, recorded, by my brother who’s been a musician his whole life. That’s music that no one else is using on their podcast. It’s custom, and it’s more compelling than the stock crap that you’re going to find online.

The second thing you can do is put audio clips into your show; edit in clips that bring more depth to the interview. David Ralph at Join Up Dots does this very well. He’ll reference a clip of something Jim Carrey said, and then in the post-production he’ll edit that in; so in the interview when he says, “Jim Carrey said this,” then he edits that in and so the listener is taken away to this other place where they’re hearing this interview, or the speech., so it’s not just two people talking. That really adds a lot more depth and makes your show a lot more compelling.

Then the third thing: Look at what everyone else is doing. Go to New and Noteworthy and play ten podcasts from ten different shows, and they’re all going to be pretty similar. A lot of them are going to use the same voiceover actor. A lot of them are going to have the same intro. They’re going to be saying the same things in the same way because they’ve been learning a format from different experts, and they’re just following a roadmap. Get rid of that road map. Ignore the roadmap that everyone else is following, and do something extremely unique. Do something that is unique to you, that it’s your own voice and it’s your idea.

You can check out my podcast, “The Podcast Producers,” at If you want to learn how we can work together, check out Thank you so much. I’m Jessica Rhodes. I am proud to be here helping you rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. We will see you next Tuesday.

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