Michelle Fetsch, Creator of Women Enough and the Bare Campaign

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Michelle Fetsch who is the creator of Women Enough and the Bare Campaign. Women Enough is an organization that supports women in having a healthy body image and self esteem through nude photo shoots. In this podcast Michelle will bring you amazing tips on how to connect with your audience and build relationships that move your business forward and have an impact (even if you don’t need your audience to take their clothes off!)


Main Questions Asked

–       Share your background and history that led you to starting Women Enough

–       How did you decide to do nude photo shoots?

–       Tell us about the first time you asked another woman to take her clothes off and be photographed as part of your campaign

–       What did you do that helped these women be comfortable in your campaign?

–       Give us a blueprint of the campaign and how you are using the photographs

–       Is there a way for women to be part of the campaign but not do a nude photo shoot?

–       Talk about your relationships with the media

–       What is your pitch and what do your tweets to celebrities say?

–       What is the behind the scenes process? Do you have a spreadsheet of who you want to reach out to and when you’re following up if they haven’t responded?

–       Have you used Contact Any Celebrity.com, IMDB Pro or anything similar?

–       What are the steps you’ve taken to build media relationships?

–       What are some of the areas you wish you were further along  in but aren’t?


Key Lessons Learned

–       Many girls grow up with their role models being the women in beauty magazines

–       The goal of Women Enough is to create realistic media campaigns that support women in having a healthy body image and self esteem

–       Many women are having children and haven’t addressed their own issues with themselves and are giving their problems to the next generation

–       So many women have a perception that another person’s life is better than theirs

–       We often ‘go things alone’ because we think no one else is going through what we are

–       The story element in the Women Enough campaign is what helps to bridge the gap between perception and reality

–       Getting women to represent diversity in the photo shoot was difficult due to women’s insecurity around their bodies

–       Regardless of whether you are overweight or underweight everyone has issues with how they look

–       Everyone deals with the same issues but it’s their own version of it

–       The educational aspect of the campaign is for people to take care of themselves regardless of what they look like

–       The campaign is about women being able to look at themselves

–       Michelle found that sharing her story disarmed others and gave them permission to do the same

–       The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners are those who are comfortable being vulnerable and sharing openly about their struggle and journey


The Bare Campaign

–       The campaign is a way for women to have a place and space in the world

–       The website was created on Square Space

–       There was more than 200K organic visits to the website in the first week

–       The Bare Campaign photos are on the website and social media, however, the goal is to have a billboard campaign that features women and their stories

–       Women can chose their level of involvement in the campaign

–       Some women do a Bare Photo Shoot to go through the experience but don’t publish their images

–       The photo shoots are a way for women to address what’s inside of them that is holding them back


Media Relationships and Reaching Out

–       Scout Willis (Demi Moore’s daughter) responded to tweets and is going to join the campaign

–       Michelle admits she is relentless when it comes to reaching out to the media and celebrities

–       The ‘ask’ is to be part of the #BareCampaign

–       Often people won’t respond the first time so you’ll need to continue reaching out in order to get a response

–       Michelle has a spreadsheet of magazines and blogs that have the target demographic as well as women who she would like to be part of the campaign

–       There is a lot of groundwork in getting an outreach spreadsheet started

–       If someone engages on Twitter it is great to follow up within 24 hours

–       Many celebrities have agents that you need to contact in order to have a conversation

–       We all want to be further along than we are, however, we still need to give ourselves the acknowledgement of how much has been accomplished

–       If you have narrowed down your audience it is possible for your pitch to multiple outlets to be the same


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