Talking with the Dogs on Podcasts featuring Liz Murdoch


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Talking with the Dogs on Podcasts featuring Liz Murdoch

In this client feature of Rock the Podcast, Jess speaks with Liz Murdoch. Liz is an Animal Communicator who has been a true dog whisperer for most of her life. Liz became certified in animal assisted therapy in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. A veteran volunteer with rescue organizations, Liz is happiest when translating what dogs and other animals want their people to know in order to transform their relationships and care. 

Liz hosts the popular podcast, Talking with the dogs!™, and travels the world talking with dogs and their people, so everyone can live and work together in greater harmony and health, in and out of the doghouse.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Liz first discovered her skill by meeting a poodle in kindergarten, and how Harold, Margy’s dog, brought Liz to Interview Connections! Liz’s expertise is in both education and communication, which is perfect for leveraging podcast guesting. Liz utilizes podcasting to reach an audience of both dog trainers and communicators, as well as people and families with pets. 

From her experience in podcasting as both a host and a guest, Liz has gained clients, landed opportunities at special events, and built valuable relationships. She specializes in helping people prepare for vet appointments, helping alleviate behavioral issues, and supporting an animal and their family in the pet’s final stages of life.

You can connect with Liz through email hello@lizmurdoch.com, or on her website!

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