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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Josh Elledge who is a syndicated columnist and ‘go-to expert’ in building relationships with the media. Josh is a dynamic and entertaining consumer expert who focuses on the day-to-day spending habits of Americans, with a focus on showing people how to get more lifestyle on a fixed income. If you’ve ever wanted to be the go-to TV expert in your field, then this is the episode for you.


Main Questions Asked:

–       Why should entrepreneurs and bloggers bother with traditional media when they have the power of social media and podcasting?

–       Do you think traditional media will go into new media?

–       How do we connect with the journalists and make ourselves known as the go-to entrepreneur in our niche?

–       What do you mean by ‘checking out’ online?

–       How do you get good at interviews?

–       What are some actionable tips and steps people can take to start building relationships with media?


Key Lessons Learned:

–       In order to be ‘discovered’, you need to be able to speak the language and have the systems down so that you can be presentable and get in front of large audiences with your message and tell your story in an effective way.

–       Eventually you will get your one shot, but the goal is to be invited back and be the ‘go-to’ expert and part of their team in their database.

–       Ensure that you are presentable and have the means to reach out and build relationships.


Traditional Media:

–       Traditional media adds to your credibility.

–       Over the past 5 years, newsrooms have been shrinking and adjusting to a new media world.

–       Traditional media, on its own in print form, will not survive which is why they are investing heavily in online presence.

–       If you are a podcaster, blogger or internet entrepreneur, you are extremely attractive to traditional media organizations as you represent their future.


‘Checking Out’:

–       Journalists and producers do not like taking risks, so if you are an unknown they will try and build a picture about you before they even respond back.

–       If you don’t ‘check out’ online, then you aren’t going to get calls back.

–       You will be ‘checked out’ based on online credibility, including your website and social media profiles.

–       Producers will be looking to see if you have you been on TV before.

–       Producers will research if you have been quoted before.

–       The press kit on your website should have video of you, list of places you’ve appeared, bio, example questions, story and segment ideas.

–       Establish yourself as someone who is easy to work with.


Interview Skills:

–       The average sound bite for television is 7 seconds.

–       Learn how to communicate in sound bites or ‘pull out points’ and rehearse your talking points prior to the interview.

–       Summarize your point of view and be able to state it in two sentences.

–       Be able to have a series of points that are interesting.



–       People love valuable and actionable content.

–       As a podcaster, you need to engage the listener immediately or they are unlikely to return and give you a second chance.

–       Podcast guests who aren’t great talent will reflect poorly on the host’s and show’s reputation.

–       Invite as much feedback as you can get.


Building Media Relationships:

–       Get to know who’s who in your industry.

–       Find reporters who are interested in your subject and get to know them via Twitter.

–       Create a separate Twitter list to follow local media.

–       Make sure you know what availability media outlets need to fill each day.

–       Make your contacts aware of the content you are creating.

–       Take your relationship offline and ask to direct email rather than Twitter exchanges.

–       Be ready and available for your chance to be interviewed.

–       Keep an eye on the daily news for opportunities where your expertise could be used in the media.


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