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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview John Dwyer, who is an expert in direct response marketing. John is the host of Sales for Profit, which shows people how to use direct response marketing in advertising to ensure everything is measurable. His WOW Attraction Formula has been responsible for attracting more than $15B in sales, and the strategy has been deployed across 27,000 businesses. During the show, we discuss direct response marketing, 5 components of the client attraction system, wow factor, and the secret behind repetitive trade.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is direct response marketing?
  • What is a wow factor?
  • How would you recommend an online business enact repetitive trade?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Businesses often do what they believe is brand-building, but doesn’t actually put money in the bank.
  • Direct response marketing doesn’t have to be looked upon to be the poor cousin of advertising.

Stop Using Price to Attract Customers

  • Don’t sell on price; sell on value.
  • Constantly having sales and half-price specials is unsustainable.
  • You need to attract customers who spend more and stay longer.

5 Components of the Client Attraction System

1. Identify your most profitable target audience.

  • Be specific: A woman, 25-34, with 2 children, working a white-collar job, and living in an upper-class suburb.

2. Create a wow factor to take people’s eyes off the price.

3. Problem solution advertising.

  • Provide them with a problem, aggravate the problem, and offer the solution.
  • People will pay to get rid of pain in place of getting pleasure.

4. Fix your website.

  • How to be different online and have all the website components on your homepage that your competitors don’t.
  • Go to a marketing expert to get your site designed.
  • On the homepage, have a big headline that is a problem solution headline.
  • Include a welcome video and tell people what you will do for them.
  • Offer a free download and have an opt-in to collect data.
  • Have video testimonials of people telling other people how good you are.

5. Repetitive Trade.

  • This is about getting clients to return over and over again and become raving fans.
  • Pull people into a loyalty program or reward scheme so people will come back and frequent your business online or offline on a more regular basis.

The Wow Factor

  • This comes down to the theater of the offer.
  • This is something your clients want that would motivate them to want to stay with you.

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What is direct response marketing and how can you make it work for you? Find out w/ @InstituteofWOW @JessRhodesBiz www.Rtspodcast.com

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