Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger with Jim Palmer

This is a special episode of Rhodes to Success as I interview Jim Palmer on his podcast Stick Like Glue Radio about the launch of his new book, DECIDE- The Ultimate Success Trigger. We cover many of the mindset challenges and hurdles that entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them.

Jim Palmer is a marketing and business-building expert, host of Newsletter Guru TV and is the founder and CEO of multiple six-figure businesses including the Dream Business Academy. Jim is known internationally as the Newsletter Guru and Dream Business Coach.


Main Questions Asked

  • Why did you decide to write this book?
  • Talk about the experiences you went through early on and the lessons learned.
  • What are people going to learn in this book that they can apply to their journey now?
  • Talk about ‘head trash,’ what it is, and how it holds entrepreneurs back.
  • When and why should we raise our prices?
  • Talk about delegating or staying small.
  • Expand on the lesson ‘good is good enough.’
  • Why do you need to be immune to criticism?
  • How does wealth reward risk and speed?


Key Lessons Learned

  • Inspiration is as important as information and education.
  • It’s not just about knowing how to do something but also what the person went through to get where they are.
  • Growth happens when you take action and do things outside your comfort zone.
  • Don’t do what the pros do now. Do what they did when they were where you are now.


What Is Covered in ‘DECIDE – The Ultimate Success Trigger’?

  • Head trash.
  • Deciding to survive.
  • How to be authentic.
  • How to invest in yourself.
  • The difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Unwillingness to delegate and get help.
  • The need to be perfect.


Head Trash

  • Everybody has head trash. This is all the thoughts, feelings, and how you think. This is often made up of self-limiting beliefs.
  • Head trash affects how people make decisions to invest, go forward and start a business.
  • When we have a fear issue, we tend to make up excuses.
  • At some point you have to stop being an impediment to your own growth and take care of business and do things that successful people do.


What Successful People Do

  • Become a speaker, author, create videos, work with a coach, join a mastermind, and do your own live events.
  • Instead of growing your business 1:1 becoming a speaker gives you a chance to grow your business 1:many.


Raising Prices

  • This is featured in the ‘Decide To Be Profitable’
  • A lot of people struggle with charging fees that they are actually worth.
  • You must be appropriately rewarded for the value that you are deliver to customers and clients.
  • Fees should be based on the value you are delivering rather than on an hourly rate.
  • It’s also not the immediate hourly value but rather the years of learning, training, and experience leading up to that point that you are charging for.



  • There is a point in every business where you start gaining momentum and doing more of what your core services are. At that point it should translate into your high revenue generating activities.
  • Most entrepreneurs think they can do it cheaper, faster, and better than anybody.


Good is Good Enough 

  • Perfection is the enemy of progress.
  • If you strive to get everything done to perfection then nothing will get done.
  • Good is good enough doesn’t mean you put out crappy work. It just means you push the ‘go’ button sooner and ‘get it done.’
  • Wealth rewards risk and speed. You just have to start and get better as you go.



  • Criticism can also be a business crippler as everyone has an opinion and people aren’t shy about sharing theirs (especially on social media.)
  • The only people who aren’t criticized are people who aren’t doing anything.
  • The filter Jim uses is by asking himself, “Do I know this person, trust them and do I value their opinion?” as well as “Is this someone who has earned the right to share this opinion?”
  • There will always be people who don’t resonate with who you are and what you offer. You are not meant to do business with everyone.


Wealth Rewards Risk and Speed                           

  • Your business loves speed. When things happen fast there is associated growth.
  • The faster you get things done and put out content the more able you are able to attract people to your business.


Three Types of Risk

  • i) Savings account entrepreneur
  • ii) Stock Market entrepreneur
  • iii) Casino entrepreneur


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