Being Career Hearted with Jeffrey Goodman

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Jeffrey Goodman, who has a long history of business successes including life as a fashion advertising photographer and developing a private practice in energy medicine. During this episode, we discuss the four communication styles and the four seasons of business.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What are the four communication styles?
  • Talk about the four seasons of businesses and the psychology.
  • Why does more money and success happen in the fall season?
  • Talk about businesses as ‘living beings.’


Key Lessons Learned:

The 4 Communication Styles

  1. Visual
  2. Audio
  3. Kinesthetic
  4. Read/Write



  • In seeking to understand, we need to know how a person best likes to communicate.
  • People have a natural tendency toward a primary and secondary communication type.


Communication and Business

  • Often, employer/employee misunderstandings are due to different communication styles.
  • Figure out how people communicate and how people learn.
  • Just because a certain type of communication isn’t your natural way of doing something doesn’t mean you leave it out; it just means you need better tools or to outsource assistance.


The 4 Seasons of Business

  • The seasons in business don’t match with the season of the year. This is philosophical rather than literal.
  • Knowing the seasons help you leverage based on what season you are in.



  • This is the period of getting a business started and planting the seeds.



  • This is when you see the results of planting the seeds in spring.



  • This is the harvest season, when business becomes successful.
  • This is when all the money and success comes in.
  • Just because it’s fall for your business doesn’t mean it’s fall in someone else’s business.



  • The last thing to do when you’re on snow and ice is to have your foot on the pedal.
  • Business is slow, so there is more time to relax and trust in your business and that you have done enough work to carry you through.
  • Take time off from harvesting to take stock of the last three seasons.
  • Leverage the quiet times to rebuild.
  • This is a great time to give your website an annual makeover.


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