How to Book Podcast Guests & be a Better Guest With Jessica Rhodes with Guest Host Jason Hartman

On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I’m pleased to share an interview I did as a guest on Jason Hartman’s podcast. On the show we discuss how to book great podcast guests, what it takes to be an awesome guest, and how to pitch yourself and get interviewed on podcasts.


Main Questions Asked:

  • Tell us about getting good guests for a podcast?
  • Elaborate on getting famous guests who have a lot of interview experience versus booking guests who are new.
  • How do we get interviews, especially with famous people who get a lot of requests?
  • Do you have a ratio you think is ideal of how much someone should be a guest on podcasts versus interview guests?
  • What does it take to be a good guest?
  • What does it take to put yourself out there and be granted interviews? How hard is it to get chosen?
  • How do you pitch yourself?
  • How does a podcaster define their market and show?


Key Lessons Learned:


Getting Guests

  • Know the goal of your podcast and what kinds of guests you want to feature.
  • Look for someone who has experience behind a microphone and has been interviewed before.
  • A good way to check if someone has been interviewed is to search iTunes, then listen to interviews in order to hear how your potential guest sounds.
  • Check that the guests social media and web presence are active online and will add value in the form of sharing.
  • People who have been interviewed a lot are great guests because they have experience, but there is a risk of them sounding rehearsed and scripted.
  • When reaching out to prospective guests, you need to personalize your request and be specific as to why you are interested in interviewing that particular guest.
  • Remember, unless you get a ‘no,’ it’s not a ‘no.’
  • A lot of guests want to be booked on shows with a track record so they are confident that if they record the interview it will be published.


Being a Guest

  • If you have your own podcast, then you are a much more appealing guest because you have credibility as somebody who produces their own show and knows what it takes to produce a podcast.
  • Focus on your verbal communication skills and work on getting rid of your ‘crutch words.’
  • The more you know what you are talking about, the less you will use ‘crutch words.’
  • Have a one sheet, speaker kit, or press kit that shows the host your bio and suggested speaking topics, as well as interview questions. Then know what you will say if asked those questions.
  • Make sure your answers aren’t too long or too short.
  • End your answer in a way that creates a follow up question in the mind of the host.
  • If you like the interview you did, there is potential to run that interview on your own show.


Getting Interviewed on Shows

  • In order to get yourself booked as a guest on other shows, it is helpful to use a service, broker, or virtual assistant to pitch you.
  • There will be a point where people start requesting you to be on their show; however, in the beginning you will need to pitch yourself.
  • There are so many podcasters who want to get pitched, so you just start doing it.


How to Pitch Yourself

  • It is vital to have a one sheet or media kit that summarizes you as a guest.
  • Know what makes you different to all the other guests in your niche.
  • Narrow your expertise down and be specific to the podcast you are pitching.
  • Make sure you read the show description and understand how they explain their show.
  • When a podcaster is being pitched they will be thinking, “Is this of value to my audience, will they want to listen to this interview, and is this something they will like?”
  • When you pitch a show, it should read something along the lines of: “This guest would be a great person to interview because your listeners will get x value from it.”
  • Follow and connect with podcasters on social media so you can get a lot of value.


Define Your Market and Show

  • You must have a target market and be really clear.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave people out, otherwise you are in danger of your show and content being broad ‘general’ area.


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