Relationships with Millionaires with James Malinchak, Secret Millionaire


On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I share the recording of a live interview I did in St. Louis with James Malinchak of Big Money Speaker. James is a business coach who runs live events twice a year and trains people on how to have a successful speaking career. In this episode, you’ll find out how James’ appearance on the ABC hit TV show Secret Millionaire came about through a relationship.


Main Questions Asked:

–       Talk about the importance of building and maintaining relationships.

–       Do you see any mistakes made by attendees at your live events?


Key Lessons Learned:

–       Content marketing is about getting content made.

–       If you wait for everything, you create to be perfect you won’t be creating much content.

–       Content marketing is about being consistent, persistent and getting content out.

–       Everyone likes to consume their content differently, so think about how you can repurpose your content.

–       Networking means you are trying to make connections, but it’s not about connections, it’s about relationships.

–       Instead of thinking what you can ‘take,’ think ‘what can I do for this person?’

–       Sending a thank you note and showing gratitude is still being a ‘giver’.

–       Building relationships is all about positioning and how people think of you, as well as how people talk about you.

–       Its not about ‘who’ you say you know, but rather about who knows you, how they think about you, and how they talk to others about you.

–       Being a ‘server’ or ‘giver’ positions you totally different to everybody else who approaches people as a ‘taker’.

–       Some of the worst advice you can get is to go to an event and take hundreds of business cards.

–       Nobody cares unless you show you care about them first.

–       “When you meet someone new, they don’t want to talk about you.”

–       One of the human secondary needs is the need to talk about yourself.

–       Start living in other people’s worlds and talk about them.

–       Always approach people with the following in mind: 1) ‘what interests this person?’ 2) What’s important to this person? 3) What inspires me about him/her?


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