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IC048: Podcast Interviews for Coaches and Consultants

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IC048: Podcast Interviews for Coaches and Consultants

On today’s episode, Jess and Margy explain why coaches and consultants are great candidates for being interviewed on podcasts.

Benefits of Podcast Interviews for Coaches/Consultants:

  • This is a high end networking strategy! Each host who interviews you is a potential client. Before anyone hires a coach or a consultant, they need to trust that person and podcast interviews are a great way to build trust with people.
  • Exposure for your business – The more you get interviewed on podcasts, the more well known you’ll be to your target market. For example, if you’re a coach for women entrepreneurs leaving corporate, we’ll book you on podcasts that that kind of female is listening to. When they see you popping up on a bunch of shows they like, they’re more likely to want to work with you.
  • Search Engine Optimization – When you are interviewed on podcasts, you will get a link back to your website in the show notes. The more backlinks you have to your website, the higher up your site will be in Google search results.

How to get Coaching Clients from Interviews

  1. Focus on the host – When we work with coaches and consultants at Interview Connections, we get super clear on who their ideal coaching client is, and we find shows that are hosted by that kind of person. Build a great relationship with the host and they’re the most likely person to want to hire you as a coach.
  2. Create a community and invite listeners to join. In my experience and opinion, people hire coaches/consultants for the communities they have created. We became a coaching client of Ali Brown because she’s created a community of 7 figure women entrepreneurs and that is who we want to network with and learn from. Our client Heather Dominick has created the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs community and people become a coaching client of hers because they want to be around other HSEs. Heather has been a client for over a year and every month she sees people join her community who heard her on a podcast.
  3. GIVE IT TIME – Be patient and manage your expectations. You need to stick with this strategy for at least 6 months to know if it’s working for you.

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