IC028: Personal Finance for Women

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On today’s episode, Jess and Margy are recording live from FinCon 2017, interviewing their friend and client Hilary Hendershott.

Fun Personal Money Facts:

  • Jessica got her first credit card to go to Hawaii at age 18.
  • Hilary had almost 20,000 dollars in credit card debt in college (twice!). She is the host of Profit Boss Radio. She rebuilt her credit and net worth after debt and foreclosure and now owns a seven figure business.
  • Margy doesn’t use credit, and thinks the whole concept of spending money you don’t have is weird.

1) How does what happens in your childhood affect your relationship with money?

  • We learn about money in our childhood.
  • Money is very conceptual. We think of it as solid, but it’s really just an agreement.
  • This conceptualism can be really tough for kids to understand.
  • When people have a scarcity mindset, they often spend rather than save.

2) Margy, what is your relationship with money?

  • Margy feels like her attitude towards money is very simplistic and possibly a little childish.
  • She feels a little embarassed about her lack of credit, proving that everyone has shame about their finances no matter where they are.
  • Money is the stage the inner critic stands on.

3) Money and shame

  • Hilary felt a lot of shame about her own money problems, especially as a financial advisor.
  • The more she shares her story honestly, the less shame she feels.

4) Hilary, how did you come out of the debt closet?

  • Hilary got to a point where she was really in a mess and had to be honest.
  • When she discovered the power of money psychology, she realized a lot of people were being controlled by their attitude towards money without even knowing it.
  • She realized she had been the victim of her own subconscious psychology.
  • The first few times she shared it was messy, but she got better at sharing her story.
  • Hilary shared her debt story very publicly on her TedTalk.
  • The more she tells it, the more people tell her how needed it is for others to hear that story.
  • It makes it easier to share her story because she has recovered.

5) Jess, how did you come out of the debt closet?

  • Jess opened up to her dad first about her debt situation.
  • Her debt started when she left her job, started a business and was paying a nanny on credit.
  • She then opened up in front of a bunch of people at her dad’s conference, and found a lot of people could relate to her story.
  • Shame and secrecy are best friends, so when you are honest shame can’t exist.

6) Could you talk more about psychology and money, especially for women?

  • Women have the power to make decisions about finances and control their own money.
  • Culturally, women aren’t expected to be financially capable.
  • Mony has power, so some men may be threatened by financially savvy women.  


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