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Welcome to Rock the Podcast! Hosts Jessica and Margy welcome local Rhode Island business owner David Englund to the show to discuss geolocal podcasts and how a podcast can build a loyal client base for your business. And then they steal Jason Hartman away from his busy schedule to play, Swanky or Stupid.

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David Englund on GeoLocal Podcasting

David started his business as a designer and a marketer. He moved into web design after clients requested it. He now loves working on websites, because they are a living platform. The work is never done, and if it’s done right, it is constantly moving and adapting.

David’s opinion is local business owners can benefit greatly from having a podcast. But, many shy away from it because they are unfamiliar with the media. David is familiar with the media but still hasn’t taken the leap into podcasting. Jessica helps him out with the details.

During an Interview Connections focus group, David provided feedback as a consumer of several different podcasts. He says consistency is important but it doesn’t need to be the same exact time every week.

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Facebook Edition — Swanky or Stupid?

Income property investment guru Jason Hartman joins Margy and Jessica to decide which Facebook features are Swanky or Stupid. If you want to play along, click on the link. Goo.gl/forms/B16w6jy6reXDcbhr2

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