How To Nurture Your Leads From Podcasts With Social Selling

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On today’s episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess interviews Interview Connections client Ryann Dowdy about how to nurture your podcast leads using the power of social media.  Ryann has recently combined her sales methodology with Kelly Roach’s in order to create the Social Sellers Academy.

Ryann explains how people need to see more of you in order to pay attention to you. Business owners need to create more content and post more and more in order to create familiarity because people buy from those they know, like, and trust. When you guest on podcasts, you create the trust factor, but how do you create the know and like? One way is to make it part of your workflow every couple of weeks to connect with podcast hosts who have interviewed you by sending a DM, replying to their stories, etc. Don’t just reply with an emoji either, make it a genuine, personal connection!

Two things to consider when creating these connections: people love to hear their names and people love talking about themselves. Rather than saying “Hey girl” at the beginning of a DM, address someone by their name (or preferred nickname if applicable). And the first thing you should say in the DM? Something about them! Think of something they’ve recently shared on social or on their website and acknowledge it.

Connect with Ryann at , on Instagram @SocialSellersAcademy , or on LinkedIn or Facebook (Ryann Dowdy).

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