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How to Never Run Out of Content

When you podcast, blog and do videos every week it can be hard to think of new things to say! You don’t want to repeat yourself because then your viewers and listeners will think poorly of you…or will they? In this episode I give you the secret to how to consistently publish new content every week!

2 thoughts on “How to Never Run Out of Content

  1. I would *LOVE* it if you posted transcripts to your videos 😀 I don’t always have time to sit and watch a whole video; also, I LOVE to read :-D.

    That’s actually a hack to help bloggers and podcasters create content that’s “crawlable” by search engines. They just turn their videos and podcast interviews into blog posts!

    Here is an example of a 1,900-word blog post I created from a 10-minute interview with Charlie Poznek (whom I met through you guys :-D). He does a full transcript of every episode in order to reach more people.

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