How to Get Sponsors For Your Small Podcast with Glenn The Geek

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Glenn the Geek, who is known as America’s Horse Husband. Glenn is a full time podcaster and the founder of the Horse Radio Network. During the show, we discuss starting a podcasting network, sponsorship, challenges, consistency, show length, and pitching sponsors.


Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about your journey from zero listeners to landing big sponsors.
  • How long did it to make your first sponsorship dollar in podcasting?
  • At what point should someone approach sponsors?


Key Lessons Learned:


  • The first sponsor came in about 3-6 months after the first podcast.
  • When selling sponsorships, you aren’t selling download ‘numbers;’ you are selling the 20% of people who are actively engaged in a niche topic.
  • Podcast sponsorship is not a quick fix, but rather about building a brand over time.
  • The audience still needs to hear a product or service being spoken about multiple times before they engage.
  • In order to get a sponsor, you have to be consistent and never miss an episode.



  • ‘Horse people’ are 2-3 years behind people in technology.
  • It took 3 years before Glenn was able to quit his job and podcast full time.
  • Podcasting isn’t the best way to grow your list or get effective sales, but if you do it right, you will build your brand and increase your creditability.
  • The biggest misconception about people who work for themselves is that they are able to work less. Glenn puts in 60-80 hours per week.



  • The only reason listeners continue to listen to your show is because they like you. If they don’t like the host, they won’t listen.
  • When you start a show, there is an unwritten contract between you and your listener.
  • If you miss episodes, you have broken the contract you made with the listener in the first episode.
  • Listeners feel personally violated when you break the consistency contract.


Show Length

  • You are also contracting with the listener for the length of time your show is going to be.
  • If your show is good enough, people will allot the time for it.


Approaching Sponsors

  • Glenn doesn’t sell based on CPM but rather a flat rate per episode.
  • When going after a sponsor, it should be the mid-size and smaller companies who need your help to grow.
  • Include the sponsors as part of the content in your show, and offer them an interview, regular segments, or a way to provide tips.
  • Tradeshows in your niche are a great way to approach sponsors.


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