How to Get Your Book Done with Michelle Vandepas

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How to Get Your Book Done with Michelle Vandepas

In this client feature episode of Rock the Podcast, Jessica interviews Michelle Vandepas, the nation’s leading expert for entrepreneurs and personal development experts who want to share what they’ve learned with the world by becoming an author. She is the co-founder of GracePoint Matrix Publishing, the gold standard in concierge publishing. She is also an esteemed TEDx speaker and TEDx Speaker Coach.

As a book coach and publisher Michelle has worked with thousands of authors over the past 20 years to publish and promote their books and their work. As a serial entrepreneur and serial bestselling author herself, she understands the strategy, messaging and creative juice needed to build a platform. She is a visionary marketer who combines creativity with smart business sense to unleash the power of her clients. Michelle has been featured in numerous media outlets speaking about her passion for ‘purpose and profit’ and she has been filmed for an  upcoming documentary film, “Wisdom from Thought Leaders” alongside Sting and the Dalai Lama.

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