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Podcast interviews are one of the quickest and most effective ways to build more brand awareness.

Watch this video to see how we can book you on podcasts that will generate more profit in your business!

Podcast interviews are one of the quickest and most effective ways to build more brand awareness.

Watch this video to see how we can book you on podcasts that will generate more profit in your business!

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Skyrocket Your Business with Podcast Interviews

Why Podcast Interviews Work

  • Podcast interviews amplify your brand
  • Podcasting is one of the fastest ways to establish credibility
  • Podcasting significantly increases your list of qualified leads & helps you close new sales faster
  • Podcast interviews showcase why you’re the natural choice in your industry

Podcast Interviews Get You New Clients!

Whether it’s effectively networking with podcast hosts and guests themselves, or leveraging this media exposure to build credibility with prospective clients, podcast interviews close more sales.

See what some of our long-time clients and seasoned podcast guests have to say:

“Appearing as a guest on podcasts has helped build my personal brand and get new clients. 15% of podcast hosts who interview me end up becoming a client!” – Chris Dayley

“I’ve picked up multiple leads and several new clients from the interviews Interview Connections has booked me on.” – Richard Chapo

“I’ve met a lot of great people through podcasting that will take the stage at my event, and SEO has also been an unexpected benefit from podcast interviews! To top it all off, 10-15% of our customers come from our podcasting efforts.” – Ty Crandall

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Are you interested in working with Interview Connections to get booked on podcasts?

We Offer a High Touch, Concierge Level Experience for Podcasters & Guest Experts.

Leverage the power of podcast interviews to get valuable brand exposure and multiply your list with qualified new leads so you can break through to the next level in your business!
We have solutions for Guest Experts and Podcast Hosts
Interview Connections founder, Jessica Rhodes invented the podcast guest booking industry. When she started booking podcast interviews for private clients in 2013, there were no other services like it in the market. Our team continues to innovate and uplevel our service so your podcast tour is a success.
Unlike most other podcast bookers who will only pitch you to contacts they already have in their database, Interview Connections Booking Agents will prioritize the best shows and guests possible for you and your goals, regardless of whether or not we have an existing relationship.

What We Do For Our Guest Experts

Guest Expert Discovery Process
One Sheet Design
Guaranteed Connections with Podcasts Ready to Interview You

What We Do For Podcast Hosts

Podcast Discovery Process
One Sheet Copy Editing and Design
Guaranteed Client Approved Guests

The interviews we've booked have led to new clients, paid speaking opportunities, and successful book launches. Are you interested in a free consultation with a member of our team?

Shows We've Booked

Why Choose Interview Connections

Interview Connections is the first and leading podcast booking agency. The podcast interviews we have booked have led to higher revenues, paid speaking gigs and new business opportunities for our clients.

When you work with Interview Connections, you’ll experience next level customer service with bookings on the best shows in your industry because our Booking Agents are reliable in-house employees, not freelancers who may come and go throughout the duration of your podcast tour.

You’ll never be disappointed with the podcasts we place you on because we have high standards for the shows we select for our clients. We’ll also identify a clear strategy during your Discovery Call so you’re always happy with the podcasts we’re placing you on.

Interview Connections Booking Agents are college graduates who studied writing in college so you can be confident that every pitch that gets sent on your behalf is high quality and well written.

Founded by Jessica Rhodes and co-owned by Margy Feldhuhn, Interview Connections is women and LGBTQ+ owned, and is on the cutting edge of the podcast industry. Jessica is the author of Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Micand together, Jessica and Margy co-host their company podcast, Rock the Podcast.

In addition to creating innovative solutions for guest experts and podcast hosts, Interview Connections owners, Jessica and Margy are also sought after speakers and consultants for six and seven figure entrepreneurs looking to leverage podcasting to expand their brand. 

Choose Interview Connections today and quickly skyrocket your business with podcast interviews! 

Now Is The Time!

Podcasting is an effective long-term marketing strategy that will build your brand and generate quality leads. Don’t wait another minute before starting your podcast tour!

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