Our Team

Matt De Lisle


With years of experience in management and recruiting, Matt joined the Interview Connections team in December 2018 as the team manager. After earning his Bachelor’s in communications, Matt was thrilled to start in an industry on the rise with supportive leadership. After Matt joined, he helped Interview Connections hit their goal of earning $1 million in revenue. Matt’s favorite part of managing the team is hearing the excitement from clients after their first interview. When Matt isn’t cheering on the team or clients, he can be found playing soccer, or watching The Office on repeat, again.

Favorite podcast? Up and Vanished!


Nathan Peavey


Nathan came to Interview Connections in May 2017 after earning his Bachelor’s in English. Drawn by his love and appreciation of podcasts, Nathan became a booking agent and is now a Team Lead. Nathan is most passionate about his ability to advocate for both his clients and his teammates. When Nathan isn’t booking entrepreneurs on podcasts, he loves reading and movies – oh and he’s really into “The Good Place” right now.

Favorite podcast? The Adventure Zone!

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Mariana Chiulli


Mariana has been with Interview Connections since August 2018, after earning her degree in psychology, with a double minor in creative writing and sociology. Mariana’s love for writing and deep interest in human connection drew her to become a booking agent. She is especially passionate about working with clients in the mental health industry and helping them share their stories and expertise. When Mariana isn’t booking her clients on podcasts, she’s probably working on her candle collection, or playing with her cat, Salem, and her dog, Logan.

Favorite podcast? True North Strange & Weird!


Emily Kelly


Emily started at Interview Connections in October 2018 after earning her degree in English writing and rhetoric. Her interests in both writing and podcasts led Emily to join the team as a booking agent. She loves the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, and Emily especially loves to book successful female entrepreneurs on podcasts. Outside of work, you can find Emily painting, reading, or finding a new mug for her growing collection.

Favorite Podcast? And That’s Why We Drink!


Bri Larson


Bri, a native Minnesotean, traveled East to Interview Connections in February 2019 after earning her degree in ceramics and painting. As a booking agent and Team Lead, Bri thrives working in a team environment. Her favorite part of working for Interview Connections is the opportunity to learn about a variety of different industries and developing relationships with her clients. When Bri isn’t ordering snacks for the office, you can find her working in the art studio (her work has been published in Ceramics Monthly!), or spending time with her cat, Muffin.

Favorite podcast? Not Another D&D Podcast!


Riley Baez-Bradway


After working for a podcast production studio for two years, Riley found his way to Interview Connections in July 2019 as a booking agent. Riley earned a Bachelor’s of Science in digital media production and has always been searching for a creative application for his technical experience. Riley is passionate about client relationships and making clients feel like they’re a part of the Interview Connections family. When Riley isn’t combining his love of writing and technology at the office, he can be found making electronic music or watching baseball.

Favorite podcast? The Needle Drop with Anthony Fantano!

Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae Fleming


Sarah Mae joined Interview Connections in August 2019. She holds dual degrees in English literature and film analysis. Her love of research and media drew her to become a Podcast Researcher, and her role at Interview Connections has expanded to both creating written content and assisting booking agents. Sarah Mae has authored published essays about Get Out, There Will Be Blood, and the films of the Coen Brothers, and she loves being able to utilize both her writing and research expertise. When Sarah Mae isn’t at Interview Connections, she can be found watching a movie, kayaking, or eating pho.

Favorite podcast? Hidden Brain!


Tim Batzinger


Tim started at Interview Connections in August 2019 as a podcast show researcher. Tim has a Bachelor’s in graphic design and has always been drawn to different aspects of the media industry. His favorite thing about researching podcasts is taking a deep dive into just how many unique podcasts not only exist, but thrive. When Tim isn’t finding the next cutting-edge podcast, he can be found working on freelance graphic design projects or playing soccer.

Favorite podcast? Daily Zeitgeist!


Brittany Phillips


Brittany made her way to Interview Connections in November 2019 after studying communications and media studies. Coming from a background in radio (hosting both 90s on 9 and The Brit Show), Brittany was immediately drawn to the world of podcasting. Her favorite part of her booking agent role is nurturing connections with her clients, as well as the producers and hosts in the podcast industry. Brittany is also happy to have the opportunity to flex her writing muscles. When Brittany isn’t connecting her clients on podcasts, you can find her producing her own (to be named) podcast! 

Favorite podcast? Last Podcast on the Left!


Jon Huot


After studying in communications, Jon joined Interview Connections in November 2019 as a booking agent. Jon’s unrelenting desire to learn about the podcasting industry and his exceptional customer service expertise made him a perfect fit. His favorite part of booking clients on podcasts is helping people with an opportunity to share their stories. Aside from podcasts, Jon’s other main area of interest is going to New England Revolution soccer games.

Favorite podcast? That’s easy, he produces and co-hosts Six States One Podcast!


Kelli Noonan


Kelli joined Interview Connections this year after receiving her degree in theater studies. Kelli loves the world of storytelling, leading her to pursue a career in the podcast industry. The best thing about being a booking agent for Kelli is getting to know her clients and having the ability to advocate for them. Kelli is especially passionate about helping women increase their representation in the media. Outside of Interview Connections, Kelli might be working on hand painting a Tarot card deck, or working in the Theater company she started, Third Eye Theater Troupe. 

Favorite podcast? Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness!


Anthony Elwell


Armed with a decade of experience in client service, Anthony joined the team at Interview Connections this year. Anthony was drawn to the opportunity to offer highly-personalized customer service with a wide array of different, and interesting clients. Anthony’s favorite aspect of being a booking agent is getting to work in the podcast industry while embracing his love of helping others. Outside of work, Anthony can be found hanging out with his boxer, Loki, or playing video games.

Favorite podcast? Kinda Funny Games Daily!