How to Grow Your Podcast with Mobile Marketing

On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Greg Hickman who is an entrepreneur, mobile marketing consultant, and creator of the Mobile Mixed podcast. If you want to know how to build your email list, increase webinar conversion, and drive sales with text messaging then this is an absolute must listen!


Main Questions Asked:

  • Why is SMS marketing so powerful for podcasters?
  • How does SMS marketing work, and how do you get people to opt in?
  • What is your take on high downloads versus people who listen to every episode?
  • What should lead magnets be?
  • What are examples that will get people to opt in?
  • Talk about your video training series and all the different ways you are putting out content.
  • What is your business relationships philosophy?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • If you are a podcaster and don’t blog, there is little reason for listeners to visit your site.
  • Connect with listeners where they are (on their mobile device).
  • Podcasts are great for authority, getting yourself on other shows, and creating relationships with people, but blog posts, such as tutorials, are what gets shared.
  • It is much more difficult to create a viral podcast episode, as sharing is not as easy as blog content.


Two Types of Shows:

  • 1) Passive listeners – E.g 20,000 passive listeners who are not going to show notes or opting in
  • 2) Active listeners – E.g 500 active listeners who download every episode and offer a high conversion rate


SMS Marketing:

  • 65% of podcasts are listened to on a smart phone.
  • If you can’t get people to your show notes, then the odds of getting someone on your email list is low.
  • Listening to a podcast is something people do while they are doing other things.
  • The odds of people listening to your podcast from in front of their computer are low.
  • You need a solid call to action and reason for listeners to participate, such as registering for a webinar, free content, or event registration.
  • Text message marketing software is available, such as Call Loop.
  • Only a few software platforms have two-way interaction that allows you to capture email addresses.
  • Example – Podcaster announces “text ‘lead pages’ to 38470.” The listener will receive a bounce back text “to confirm your registration, reply with your email address.”
  • Once you have the email address, the listener is on your list and you can add to platforms, such as Mailchimp or Infusionsoft.
  • By offering this text opt-in option, you are giving the people who want to take action the ability to join your email list no matter where they are listening.
  • Look at SMS marketing as a new opportunity to capture people that might be audio-only listeners by enabling text call to action.


Downloads Versus Loyal Listeners:

  • As a podcaster, you have to ask yourself “what is my goal?”
  • Is the goal to get a high number of downloads in order to gain sponsorship, or is the goal to use the podcast as a lead generation tool?
  • Most podcasters aren’t going to make a living from sponsorship so it is best to use the podcast as a lead generation tool.
  • Focus on repeat listeners and people who are going to join your list.


Lead Magnets & Content Upgrades:

  • Lead Magnets – webinars and free courses work well, and is something that provides the listener a lot of value.
  • Content upgrades – creating a unique piece of content that is pulled from each episode, e.g screenshots, checklist, or process flows.
  • Content upgrades are something you will want to download, and is heavily promoted. This helps increase your opt-in and conversion rate.
  • Most podcasters and bloggers constantly promote the same lead magnet; however, if someone isn’t interested, then they will never opt in.
  • By having unique lead magnets for every piece of content, you are giving yourself an opportunity for people to opt in.


Business Relationships:

  • As long as you put yourself out there, engage with people, and try to deliver value, then it will come back to you.
  • Often, you may not find people in your area who are also entrepreneurs, so you may want to create opportunities to find them.
  • Meeting face-to-face is important. Going to conferences and live events is a great way to engage.
  • Once you create relationships with people, you need to actively stay in touch and continue to deliver value.


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