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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Gary George from Blazin Multi Media. Gary has worked with numerous high profile clients including Virgin Records, United Nations, Panasonic, Rockafella Records, and Jay Z. As a consultant, Gary has generated more than $48 million for his clients within the past 5 years by identifying and reversing limiting patterns in their marketing strategy. If you want to know more about apps, Facebook ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, SEO, and pay per click then this is a great podcast for you!


Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk to us about apps and why everyone should have an app for their business.
  • What kind of investment does it take to get an app built?
  • Why should we like LinkedIn and what kind of power is there on the platform?
  • What are your thoughts on LinkedIn groups with regards to owning versus being interactive in other groups?
  • How can you leverage the power of LinkedIn? Would you suggest outsourcing?
  • Should I pay for the advanced membership on LinkedIn or is it not worth my investment?
  • What should people be focusing on when they have a YouTube channel?
  • Should a podcaster who is not doing videos post on YouTube with a still image and podcast audio only?
  • Who are some of the biggest celebrities you’ve worked with?
  • What are some of the things you learned from musicians in their marketing?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • The bread and butter of online marketing is keyword research, e.g Google keyword planner.
  • You can reverse engineer based on CPC (cost per click) and know what to optimize in other places.
  • Consumers don’t care what format media comes in, they simply care that it’s convenient.
  • Brand is important, but you have to show results first and have the goods to back it up.



  • If you don’t have a mobile application (app), now is the time to beat your competition.
  • Apps are untapped ways of exposure for brands.
  • A huge benefit of an app is that it sends push notifications.
  • Push notifications act like a text message and ring your phone.
  • 96% of people read their text messages within in the first 60 seconds of receipt.
  • People don’t have to open your app and can still receive push notifications.
  • The iTunes app store has become the third largest search engine (after Google and YouTube).
  • What would take you eight months to rank on Google would take you about 8 days in the app store.



  • If you sell to another business in any capacity, you should be on LinkedIn.
  • You will win at LinkedIn by doing organic marketing, and targeting people on specific criteria.
  • LinkedIn allows you to pinpoint and solicit people, such as C level executives.
  • LinkedIn has groups, which is a great weapon to become a thought leader.
  • If you are looking to target someone on LinkedIn, then you should join a group they are in and communicate.
  • If you have the capability, an established following, and a niche that isn’t over saturated, then it is a good idea to create your own group.
  • Creating your own group is a way to have the power to message group members all at once.
  • When you are looking at groups, don’t just focus on the number of members, but rather the date of recent activity and level of interaction.
  • Investing in a paid membership on LinkedIn is not worth it unless you are ready to go ‘heavy’ with prospecting.



  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
  • The #1 thing to focus on in YouTube is to rank your videos for specific search keywords.
  • YouTube users are more likely to type searches in first person, e.g “How do I make a podcast?”
  • Make sure to position yourself for people actively searching for a product or service.
  • Title your videos as above to match that behavior.
  • YouTube has its own keyword tool so you can see the best search terms.
  • People expose their intent to buy more frequently through YouTube searches.
  • You should be asking yourself “How can I title this better so more people find it?”


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96% of ppl read txt msgs within 60 sec of receipt. @blazinmedia explains why this is important info w/ @JessRhodesESS

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