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Being Future Focused with Aimee LaLiberte

Jess and Margy are the co-owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast to teach you how to transform your business and life with the power of visibility and strategy!  On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess talks with Interview Connections Client Aimee LaLiberte about being future-focused!



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As the owner of My Virtual CFO, Aimee is a trusted profitability advisor to six and seven‐figure business owners who are tired of being behind in their books and are ready to uncover blind spots, course correct, and ultimately get more profitable.

Aimee also is a certified life and money coach. She works with business owners who seek greater confidence and unwavering drive to attract and build wealth in their businesses and lives.

After working in non-profit and finance for over 16 years and helping more than 75 business owners since starting her own business, Aimee knows how important it is to have steadfast trust in the person looking after your books.

Jess was immediately interested in Aimee’s ideas about the importance of separating your self-worth from your bottom line.

In your business, when you create really incredible results, it’s easy to attach that to your self-worth. “I’m worthy because I’ve made such mind-blowing results in my business!” But Aimee warns that the opposite can happen too. When those amazing results aren’t achieved, it can turn into “I’m not worthy.”

Aimee reminds us that we are inherently worthy!

Regardless of our money or our results, we’re all worthy.  Aimee asks, “Why would you put your worth, that is just foundational as a human being anywhere other than at the foundation?” This completely resonates with Jess. 

Jess recently had to do a lot of work disconnecting financial results in a launch from her own self-worth. Aimee explains that we want those good results to mean that we’re enough, but in fact, we’re always enough.

Jess then asks, how does Aimee’s business as a virtual CFO work?

Aimee realized she really enjoyed the organizing and bookkeeping aspects of running a business. While speaking on a panel, Aimee began to understand that she is really future-focused. This allowed her to understand that she is much more like a CFO than a bookkeeper.

Once Aimee made that shift, things really started to change. The clients that Aimee was attracting really started to change as well. Her advice for business owners is, they should be spending money on outsourcing or hiring someone who is future-focused! 

The money should be spent on someone who can show you how to get to that place you need to get to. That’s the skill that’s not as readily available in terms of what you can buy on the market.

Jess wants to know, what are some of the biggest money mindset pitfalls that Aimee has seen?

Aimee has seen a lot of mindset issues about debt and shame around spending money. The biggest mistake she has seen is that people think there’s a one size fits all approach to money. Aimee believes that this is not true at all!

However, Aimee insists that you need a relationship with money. People tend to avoid their money and their relationship with money because they think it’s about their self-worth. Aimee wants us to ask ourselves, “How is my psychology around money affecting these decisions?”

Jess asks Aimee about her experience working with Profit First.

Aimee explains that Profit First is a cash flow management tool that sits on top of your bookkeeping system. It’s essentially the creation of bank accounts that are intended for certain places. This makes it easier for you to allocate money to specific purposes. These include income, operating expenses, owner’s pay, tax, and profit. 

Those accounts create smaller plates of money, it allows and embraces the notion of restraint. And that is what business owners need. If business owners see all this money, they think they have all this money available to them. But then they are confronted with a tax bill that they didn’t save for, or they want to hire someone but they don’t have the funds available to them.

Profit First drives scalability as well as profitability in businesses.

This method is ideal for being future-focused in your business when it comes to your finances!

You can connect with Aimee in her Facebook Community, Confident Money Matters, where you’ll be supported in achieving your money goals! 

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