Where to Find Podcast Guests

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Where is the best place to source guests for podcast interviews? During this episode of Rhodes to Success, we discuss why you want to have guests on your show and the value that guests bring to your podcast.

Key Points:

Dangerous Mindset

  • A dangerous mindset is thinking that guests are a route to getting more downloads.
  • If you start looking at guests as tools for higher downloads, you will get agitated if they don’t share the show.

Guests Bring Value

  • Understand the purpose of why you bring guests on your podcast.
  • Guests can bring value to your show by helping listeners be more engaged with you and the podcast.
  • Guests bring information you can’t provide, or discussion that supports your topic.

Where to Find Guests

Your Community

  • Who is in your circle of trust?
  • If you are just starting out, interviewing people within your circle is an easy way to get practice.

Current Clients

  • When you interview clients, you build your relationship with them and increase retention.
  • This gives you an opportunity to talk to your clients in a space that is not what they are paying you to do.

Ideal Clients

  • A lot of people want to be speakers at conferences, so a useful strategy is to have a podcast and interview people who run conferences.
  • Serve first by interviewing ideal clients. This is a great way to start a relationship.


  • There is huge value in interviewing people regardless of how well-known they are.
  • The content is what makes a good podcast, not necessarily a big guest.
  • Have guests on your show that listeners can relate to.

Recommendations from Guests

  • Ask your guests if they have someone they think you should interview.
  • Ensure you do your due diligence before asking for an introduction.

Ask Your Listeners

  • The audience will tell you who they want to hear.

Look at Other Podcasts in Your Niche

  • People who are interviewed on other shows are more likely to say yes to be interviewed on your show.


  • There are lots of subject matter experts on Amazon.
  • Search for authors.
  • Use the keyword search, and sort by publish date.


  • Click ‘follow’ on the person you want to approach, and Twitter will show you three other similar people.
  • Put a tweet out for people you are looking for.

Radio Guest List

  • Subscribe to the emails.
  • You can also pay $5 per month to be a member.
  • This provides shows that need guests.
  • You can also pitch yourself as someone who wants to be interviewed.

Know Your Why?

  • Why are you podcasting?
  • Know your goal before you know what guests you want.

Take A Step Back

  • Think about how to incorporate guests on your show.
  • You don’t have to choose a solo show or a guest-based show. It’s not either-or.
  • It is okay to change the format of your show.


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Live Webinar: 

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