How to Make Your Podcast More Entertaining

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Are podcasters reporters, journalists, entertainers, or teachers? On this episode of Rhodes to Success, we investigate just that and discuss how to make your podcast compelling and worth sharing.

Key Lessons Learned:

Get More Subscribers

  • Brilliant copywriting starts with a question.
  • People want actionable content but also want to be entertained.
  • What story arc can you produce to get listeners to subscribe.


  • You need a podcast that is worth sharing.
  • It needs to be intriguing and entertaining so people can’t wait to share it.
  • When you view yourself as not just a podcaster but as a reporter, entertainer, or journalist, your show becomes better.

Get Inspired

  • Listen to the procasters, not just as a fan but as a student.
  • Listen to what is created when there is a huge production team behind it.
  • Get ideas of what to do with your show and what to avoid.

How to Make Your Podcast Compelling and Worth Sharing

1. Add Depth to Your Show

  • Use audio clips, music, conversations, and listener voicemails.
  • Ensure you have rights to use the music you’ve chosen.
  • Use your iPhone voice memo app to get listener feedback on the go.

2. Record Audio In-Person

  • Lots of podcasts are recorded either solo or via Skype. However, in-person interviews can offer a lot more chemistry.

3. Record Out in ‘The Wild’

  • Sometimes having background noise is cool and adds depth to the show.
  • Ensure you describe your surroundings when you are recording on location. 

4. Get Vulnerable

  • Get real and share personal things about your life.
  • Don’t try to be perfect.
  • People will feel as though they are more connected with you and really know you on a personal level.
  • Your podcast is a safe space where your listeners love you and genuinely want to get to know you.

5. Be a Teacher

  • If you have an interview show and are interviewing guest experts, try a solo episode and monitor the engagement.

6. Epic Rants and Monologues

  • When you get on your soapbox and have an epic rant, it brings a loud voice to a topic that people are thinking about but not talking about.

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How can you make your podcast compelling and worth sharing?  Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz

Are podcasters reporters, journalists, entertainers or teachers?  Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz

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