Does Your CTA Need a Facelift?

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In today’s episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess and Margy talk about how to improve your call to action. The call to action is how you convert the audience of the show into clients, so you want to be intentional when creating their journey from listener to client.

Mia Hewett – Business coach has closed over $52k in high ticket sales from listeners who heard her on podcasts. Again, these are leads who come NOT needing a ton of nurture. They come ready to buy.

-Hosts will give you an opportunity to share with the listeners how they can connect with you online after the interview

-This is your opportunity to share your call to action 

-Your CTA MUST: 

    1. Be Free (or extremely low priced, like a book) 
    2. Be ONE THING (not a menu of options or a list of all your social media handles) 
    3. Be valuable to the listeners 
    4. Be the next intentional stop on the journey a client makes from when they first hear about you, to when they become your client 

Simple CTAs that work 

-Consult Call

      1. Mark Willis has closed 32 new clients from podcasts! After his podcast interview, his CTA is inviting listeners to schedule a free consultation. From those consults, he’s converted dozens of high-end long-term clients resulting.

-Free Book or Chapter

    1. Client Chris Prefontaine offers his book for free on podcast interviews, and 50% of those who receive the book convert to Chris’s program!

-Facebook Group

    1. Here at Interview Connections, we send people to our Facebook group, Guest Expert Profit Lab. We offer free valuable information to group members, and are able to nurture and educate leads about our services!
    2. A Quiz
      1. Client Stacey Brown Randall sends leads to her Referral Ninja quiz! She says that quizzes are easy and engaging because the quiz taker is taking action while answering the questions. You are able to customize their results which allows the quiz taker to know where they are starting from which connects them to learn more from you!

Audit your current call to action?

  1. Is it free or very low dollar?
  2. Is it easy to spell and remember?
  3. Is it clear and concise?
  4. Are you delivering it with confidence? 
  5. Are you sending the listener somewhere where you are moving them through your funnel?

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