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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Brian Church, who is a bestselling author, public speaker, radio show host, serial entrepreneur, and an expert in mergers and acquisitions. Brian is the CEO of Idea Shares, which is a company that helps entrepreneurs take their ideas from the drawing on the paper napkin to a profitable business venture. During the show, we discuss the future of entrepreneurship, ideation and testing your ideas, and beginning with the end in mind.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is it about your personality that makes you want to be in so many ventures and not just one business?
  • Talk about and how you are helping your clients.
  • Are you mostly working with people who have an idea for a product or professional services?
  • How early in the process should you be thinking about your business as being something that can be sold one day?
  • What are your thoughts on service-based businesses?
  • What is an example of a company who is doing everything right?

Key Lessons Learned:

Future of Entrepreneurship

  • We are going to lose 45 million jobs in the next 10-15 years due to technology.
  • What we used to think of as a ‘job’ will be very different.
  • If you aren’t thinking entrepreneurially today, you will have to, as it will be necessary to ‘side gig.’

Solving Problems

  • You don’t have anything that can create commerce if you don’t solve a problem.
  • The current model of business incubators is actually more along the lines of accelerators.
  • There is a gap between the early stages of ideation to execution and no one who is helping compress the time, cost, and overall risk associated with ideation.


  • Ideation is the time between when you get the idea, the catalytic action to move on the idea, and getting to minimally viable product, or proof of concept.
  • The process for ideas is the same regardless of whether it is a product or service, as there needs to be a prototype for both.
  • For proof of concept to gain traction in order to get funding outside of friends and family, you have to have a prototype.

Begin with the End in Mind

  • When people buy businesses, they buy enterprise value, intellectual property, or both.
  • Enterprise value is not a dependent business but rather an independent business someone can take on to the next level.
  • Multiples are usually based off the enterprise value that, if the owner walked away, it’s a viable business model.
  • A lot of businesses aren’t built to be sold. Some will be licensed, as they are more process-driven.
  • Most people burn out because the business is dependent on them.
  • The businesses that get the best valuations are the ones that are built in a way that they can run with the entire team being replaced.

Service-Based Businesses

  • Service-based businesses need to have processes that are simple, repeatable, and measurable. 

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