Marketing for Musicians with Bree Noble

On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Bree Noble, who is an entrepreneur, musician, and speaker. Bree is the founder of Women of Substance Radio, an online radio station that promotes quality female artists in all genres. She also launched the Women of Substance Podcast that ranked number four overall on iTunes New and Noteworthy. Bree draws on her extensive experience running her own music business, both as a solo musician and industry professional, to train and mentor other female musicians.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What do you do 9 to 5, and what is your business made up of?
  • Is consulting, coaching, and creating courses how you generate revenue in your business?
  • Tell us more about your life as a musician.
  • Is that what you help musicians with most? Finding their voice, what to tell, and how to tell it?
  • How does someone create a bio that is going to stand out?
  • How is marketing a musician different from marketing a business, product, or service that is not the identity of the person selling it?
  • Why is marketing hard for musicians, and why don’t they like it?
  • Tell us more about the Women of Substance radio station.
  • How did you grow your audience and what marketing was involved in building the community?
  • Talk about the relationships lifecycle that you build with the musicians.
  • Are you mainly focusing on musicians who don’t have a record deal or manager? Is it strategic to build your consulting and courses?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • Bree does five podcasts a week, and tries to fit it all in one 8-hour ‘podcasting’ day.
  • If you don’t figure out how to make money in the music industry, then you are not going to have a career.


Writing a Non-Generic Bio

  • There are hundreds of thousands of independent female artists, so don’t be generic! You need to find a unique angle.
  • When writing your bio, start with your super fans, even if they are your family members, and find out what resonates with them and stands out in your story.
  • Most people think that their life isn’t that special, so work with an outsider to write your bio, as they can draw things out that you can’t see.


Marketing and Musicians

  • Nowadays businesses are becoming more about the identity of the person that sells it.
  • Musicians have the mindset that if their music is good, people will listen to it.
  • Regardless of how good your music is, the truth is that people aren’t always going to find it. That’s why record labels exist, as they will do all the promotion for you.
  • You need to be like a record label and become a promoter for yourself. This often involves building a team around you.
  • A lot of musicians feel that the ‘business stuff’ dulls their creativity. If it does, get a team.


Women of Substance Radio Station

  • The mission is to make well known and indie artists equal.
  • The thing that helps most with marketing is that every artist has their own set of fans.
  • Bree leverages the artist’s fans, and has a mailing list of around 4,400.


Relationship Lifecycle

  • Bree uses platforms that are built for radio, such as Noise Trade and Airplay Direct.
  • The Woman of Substance shows are planned a few weeks in advance.
  • Bree then contacts the artist two weeks before the podcast goes live.
  • On the day of the show, the artist receives an email telling them they are live, and Bree publicizes the artists on social media and is very specific with hashtags.
  • The target market finds Bree so she no longer worries about building it.


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How is marketing a musician different from marketing a business? Find out w/ @BreeNoble @wosradio & @JessRhodesESS

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