The Importance of ‘Matterness’ with Allison Fine


On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Allison Fine who is among the preeminent guides to the social media revolution.  She remakes organizations by the least expensive and most profitable means available; connecting with others! Allison is the author of Matterness and the award winning book Momentum as well as co-author of the best seller The Networked Non Profit.


Main Questions Asked

  • What are the key characteristics of the ‘big small town’ we live in online?
  • Do you think it’s a bad thing that we are more connected online?
  • How can entrepreneurs connect with each other in business online?
  • What made you interested in the social media revolution?
  • What was your transition like from non-profit political work into being an entrepreneur?
  • Did you have any internal struggles of making the mindset shift?


Key Lessons Learned

  • The online ecosystem means a lot of us feel guilt over online connections and lack of in person local connections.
  • We are at the beginning of an entire revolution of connecting with others.
  • There is no data suggesting people are ‘meaner’ or more narcissistic because they are online. They just have a chance to express it so we see it more.
  • Being online never substitutes for being on land with people.
  • How we choose to connect with people is one of the biggest choices entrepreneurs make in their business.
  • You‘ll never have the marketing dollars to sell yourself to people. You need them to do some of the heavy lifting for you.
  • There is a larger merging of nonprofit and for profit sector where a lot of businesses have dedication to social responsibility.
  • The way we work has to match our values because we spend so much time doing it. We are now able to shape our business life much more than before.
  • It’s important to think ‘how’ your business can serve the world and not just ‘be’ for you.
  • Think about how you want to use your influence in the world. We are all holding our own megaphone and have connections with people.
  • Leadership is about being something before doing something.
  • We need to think about how to be generous and fill up our networks with good things and make other people better.
  • The greatest players make the other players around them better.
  • Don’t just sell a product or offer a service but rather stand for something.
  • Figure out what your philosophy is and stand by it. This will attract people to you.
  • Principals should win out over plans. Principals don’t change but plans do.
  • The world is moving quickly so you have to be agile. The only thing you can hold on to are your foundational principals.


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