Don’t Do This Yourself

Getting Yourself Booked on Podcasts Is a Lot of Work …
And Who Has Time For More Work?

You Could Try To Do This Yourself But...

How often does marketing take a back seat to the day-to-day demands of running a business and serving your clients? Ask yourself, How much ‘doing it yourself’ have you accomplished so far?” You might be thinking of saving some money by having your virtual assistant book podcast interviews for you. Anyone can send a scripted pitch email, but when’s the last time the cheaper option delivered the results you need to reach your goals? Imagine how bad you’ll look to top podcast hosts when your assistant, who knows nothing about the podcasting industry, makes a mistake and emails a show that doesn’t take guests, uses the wrong show name in their email, or pitches you to a podcast where you’re not at all a good fit

Don't Get Blacklisted

Mistakes like these will MAKE YOU LOOK BAD to the top podcast hosts. Saving a couple bucks is not worth it. Getting pitched to leading podcast hosts in your niche is not something you want to outsource to the biggest bargain you can find.  You can’t afford not being represented by the most respected Booking Agency in podcasting! And if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, don’t do it! Seriously, have you ever heard of a rock star entrepreneur, in-demand coach or the perceived leader in ANY niche pitching themselves as a guest? No! They have Agents who represent them and handle their bookings for them!

I don’t want to do this myself!

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