The First Rule of Monetizing a Podcast

Full Transcript:

I am Jessica Rhodes. I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how the first rule of monetizing your podcast is to not be annoying. When most podcasters learn about monetizing their show, the first thing that they learn is that you want to get a lot of downloads, because sponsors want to sponsor a show that has a big audience. Then they hear that they get a lot of downloads by having a lot of subscribers, ratings, and reviews on iTunes because that gets them higher up in their rankings, and so where do they turn to get those subscriptions, rating, and reviews, they turn to their listeners, and on their show and every single episodes, sometimes multiple times, they are asking their audience to subscribe, rate, and review their podcast because they desperately want to be higher up in the iTunes rankings because it helps everyone so much to get their content, but really they’re just trying to get a lot of downloads so they can get a sponsor and get more listeners.

Folks, the first rule of monetizing your podcast and actually having a good show is, don’t annoy your listeners. I can only speak for myself as a listener, but I love podcasts. I love podcasting, and I love listening to podcasts. When I subscribe to a show, I’m listening to it every single week. When I have my earbuds in and when I’m listening to it in my car stereo, there are two or three people there, myself, the host, and their guest. That’s it. When every single week that host is saying, “Please rate and review my podcast. Please subscribe.” I’m sitting there going, “I did, a year ago, and that’s why I’m still listening to you.”

I understand that there’s a lot of other people listening and that the host wants to really encourage all the new listeners to subscribe rate and review, but you know what gets people to subscribe, rate, and review? A really good show. When I hear a really good show and when I really enjoy the content and it’s funny and it’s entertaining and it’s informative, I subscribe because I don’t want to miss out. I don’t subscribe because the host told me to.

If you want to get more downloads, focus on not annoying your listener. Focus on producing a really good show with compelling content that actually makes people want to subscribe because they actually want to listen to your show and they’re not being told to do so. That is the first rule to monetizing, don’t be annoying, and hey, when you’re not annoying and you have a really good show, sponsors are going to knock on your door and they’re going to ask you to sponsor.

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