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New Coaching Client, Paid Training Opportunity and a New Business Coach


Tanya Conner-Green

Tanya Conner-Green has been coaching female entrepreneurs who are struggling to make money in their business since 2015. As a former corporate ‘prisoner’ who was often referred to as ‘the little pitbull’ in the insurance firm where she worked, Tanya is keenly aware of how important it is for her clients to succeed in their business and not go back to a soul sucking 9-5 job. She has a unique approach to her business coaching because of her strong focus on human connection and vulnerability.

Tanya focuses on helping women move beyond the fears and self doubts that keep them hidden behind their computer screens so that they can get visible, get vulnerable, and stand out from the crowd online in order to make 6-figures+ in their online business.

Goals for Podcast Interviews

Tanya’s goal for podcast interviews was to expand her audience for her podcast, How we Hustle, and get clients into her group programs in her business, Whole Hearted Business Coach. Tanya also started getting booked on podcasts with a goal to get booked for in-person speaking engagements.


Tanya’s Booking Agents at Interview Connections had a series of calls with her to learn about her story and what makes her unique as a business coach and a female entrepreneur. Since Tanya was new to the strategy of getting interviewed on podcasts, co-owners of Interview Connections, Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn invited her to be a guest on the company podcast, Rock the Podcast so that she could get some practice sharing her story and her expertise. You can listen to that interview here.

Before researching for podcasts to pitch Tanya to, Tanya’s Booking Agents learned about who her ideal potential clients are, as well as who her ideal listeners are for How We Hustle. Then, they put together a list of podcasts to pitch to hosts!


5 months after signing up with Interview Connections, Tanya recouped 5x what she invested in our service. Here were the results:

  • One of the podcast hosts who interviewed her joined her coaching program.
  • This podcast host also paid Tanya to do a paid speaking engagement for her clients on Facebook advertising.
  • She is also getting new listeners to her podcast and is hearing great feedback from people who heard her on other podcasts!

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