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SEO Consultant Gets 4 Confirmed Clients and a 3x Return on Investment from Podcast Interviews


Meg Clarke is an SEO expert and the owner & founder of Clapping Dog Media. After studying marketing and graphic design in college, Meg found herself working in boutique ad agencies where she developed her interest in attracting the ideal customer for her clientele. Meg left this position when she traveled to Uganda to adopt her eldest sons but found upon her return that she missed the job. She turned then to freelance web design, and before long, Clapping Dog Media was born!

At Clapping Dog Media, Meg focuses on creating functional websites using keyword analytics, site simplicity, and her own personal experience to help her clients run successful online businesses. In addition, Meg specializes in communication, ensuring her customers learn and understand the SEO strategies with which she provides them so that they leave Clapping Dog’s services feeling empowered in their business. She especially enjoys working with clients in the health and wellness industry.

In addition to her enthusiasm for SEO, Meg believes in the significance of giving back. She has spent extensive time doing humanitarian work in Uganda and is passionate about helping people escape poverty. Meg currently lives in Virginia with her husband, three sons, and her dog, Vader (who has over two hundred followers on his Instagram).

Goals for Podcast Interviews

Meg’s big idea was to get brand awareness and to tell her story of SEO which is that SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or hard. SEO is very actionable and doable if you just understand how it works. Meg wanted to get on different podcasts to share her approach to SEO to teach entrepreneurs that they could do it too!



Meg signed on with Interview Connections already having had success converting podcast listeners into her consulting business. Due to her busy schedule as a mom and an entrepreneur, and needing to complete her work day by 3pm, she chose to appear on just two shows per month. This also allowed her to be super careful about her messaging.

She appeared on shows as a guest expert where she could reach creative female entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. Her clients are at the 2-3 year mark in their business and are ready to start making some investments in their growth.

She appeared on business strategy podcasts and health and wellness business podcasts. Meg thought that she wanted to be all large podcasts but Interview Connections was able to find podcasts that she didn’t even know existed, that were in her niche and delivered paying clients!



Meg’s results have been amazing! Over the last year, she’s had 4 confirmed clients which is a five figure payback from her investment. A couple of her clients have been the actual podcast interviewer which is great because not only do they feature Meg for her expertise, they can tell their audience that they also use her services! Meg’s investment has been paid back 3 times just by working with Interview Connections!

To learn more about Meg’s SEO services, visit her website,

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