Laura Khalil Created a Top-Rated Podcast

About the Client

Laura Khalil is the #1 transformational speaker helping Fortune 500 companies close the leadership and wage gap for women in business. She is an executive coach who shares courageous leadership skills to help women succeed inside and outside the corporate world.

Facing many of the challenges that confident, assertive and driven women deal with in the workplace, Laura launched her marketing consultancy in 2013, determined to thrive. She quickly learned that the traits that penalized her as an employee were her greatest assets as a leader. She built a multi-six figure business working with name brands such as Twitter, Intel, GE and more on global initiatives. 

Today she teaches women and allies how to develop the habit of courage to achieve their dreams. She has spoken to audiences at Forbes, WeWork, Creative Mornings, Zingrain and many more. 

Goals for Podcast Interviews

Laura decided to start podcast guesting to expand her reach to Fortune 500 companies, grow her Facebook community, and enhance her visibility as a thought leader.


Laura’s target audience includes women in leadership roles, women in corporate roles, and allies to women. 

We focused on pitching Laura to podcasts that discuss 

  • Women in business
  • Success in the workplace
  • Women in tech

We avoided podcasts that focused on startups and podcasts that would not reach women in business or leadership roles.


During a podcast interview that we booked, Laura felt that she was truly seen by the host. The moment was so profound, that Laura decided she wanted to do that for someone else. After podcast guesting for a few months, Laura launched her own podcast Brave by Design! Brave by Design has charted as a top career podcast on Apple Podcasts! Laura credits her experience with podcast guesting to being a part of her podcast’s success.

You can connect with Laura at her website!



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