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John Stoj saw a 300% Traffic Increase from Podcast Interviews

About the Client

John Stoj is likely the only Investment Advisor you’ve ever met who has managed both $3.5 billion and a sushi kitchen. John is an investment advisor whose career in finance began on a Wall Street trading floor over twenty five years ago, with stops at investment & commercial banks, money managers, and even his own hedge fund, and this has uniquely prepared him to see the financial services industry for what it is: flush with companies and professionals far more focused on their own best interests than their customers’.

John believes sincerely that, done well and delivered fairly, good financial advice is more valuable than its cost, and worth buying. Unfortunately, through his experience, he knows that banks, broker dealers, insurance companies, etc. do not have their customers’ best interests in mind – they have theirs in mind.

On top of that, John brings to the table experience opening, running, and selling a small foodservice business. Nothing breaks you out from the shackles of Wall Street than small business ownership on Main Street.

John enjoys sharing his stories and advice from Wall Street, small business ownership, and (did we mention?) what it’s like to be married to an extremely successful doctor.

Goals for Podcast Interviews

John wanted to start podcasting to become involved in a powerful platform where he could talk to people who are interested in personal finance. John wanted to increase his visibility in his niche as a flat fee financial advisor.


John focuses on podcasts that can discuss personal finance. 

His target audience consists of:

  • People interested in the FIRE movement
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs

We pitched John to shows that would reach his target audience, including real estate, personal finance, and even shows in the food industry!


Since starting podcast guesting, John has seen his website traffic go up substantially. After one interview went live, John saw a 300% website traffic increase! Additionally, John also gained a long-term advisory client from that same interview.


You can connect with John at his website!

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