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$13k from One Podcast Interview

About the Client

Chris is a sought-after business leverage expert who teaches coaches and consultants the Chris Kenney Sales Mastery Formula. This tried and true method goes far beyond traditional sales training! Chris knows the key to building a successful business is to focus on one thing – SALES. He specializes in teaching his clients how to sell in an authentic, non-pushy, genuine way with no gimmicks or schmoozy techniques.

He believes we all have within us exactly what we need to courageously pursue our deepest desires, tap our own potential, and show up with power and resilience.

As a global speaker, he challenges others to re-imagine selling and is a passionate champion of authentic leadership as a path to empowerment and success. Chris brings wit, humor, and a fresh approach to what in many times is a dry and worn out subject.

Goals for Podcast Interviews

When Chris signed up with us at Interview Connections, he didn’t even have a computer. He built his business to almost 7 figures, just using a cell phone. Chris wanted to pivot from an offline strategy, to an online strategy. Chris began podcast guesting to expand his reach and raise his brand awareness on a larger scale. 


Chris’s target audience consisted of coaches & consultants, and serviced based solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. After connecting him with shows that would reach his target audience, Chris’s call to action included sending listeners to his Facebook group, to be nurtured into his program.


On one podcast, the host was so impressed with Chris’s interview, that she herself followed his CTA and joined his Facebook group. She quickly signed up for his program after joining. When Chris asked her about her decision to join, she said that she “was sold by the end of the interview.” 

Now, hosts come to Chris and request him to be on their show because of the brand awareness he has created by using the podcast guesting strategy. He says that his job of selling becomes much easier after podcast guesting has done the heavy lifting in creating incredible brand awareness.

You can connect with Chris at his website!

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