Goals for Podcast Interviews

Michael Stelzner referred Chris to Interview Connections as a way to get booked on podcasts more consistently. His goal for podcast interviews is to get speaking engagements as well as acquire new clients at Disruptive Advertising.


Chris started working with Interview Connections in September 2016 and has been getting booked on 4 interviews a month since he started. Over the last several years, Chris has had a very open-minded strategy to podcast interviews because he learned first hand: it only takes one listener to become a client with his company and see a return on his investment with podcast interviews.

That being said, his Booking Agents at Interview Connections focus on booking him on podcasts that fit one or all of the following criteria:

  • The show is hosted by an ideal potential client, or the show’s target audience is made up of ideal potential clients
  • The podcast host is connected to a conference where Chris could speak
  • The podcast focuses on topics or issues that Chris can speak about

Disruptive Advertising targets more established companies. 40% of Disruptive Advertising business is e-commerce clients spending $10-20k a month on digital marketing. 60% of their business is made up of lead generation companies who drive more than 100 leads a month.

The number one strategy that Chris has implemented is when he gets interviewed on a podcast, he invites listeners and hosts to join him for a free consultation call.


Chris has recouped 5x what he has invested in our service at Interview Connections and cites that about 15% of podcast hosts who interview him become clients of Disruptive Advertising. He knows that an average client at Disruptive Advertising spend over $2,000 a month and stays for about 18 months!

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