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Watch your brand awareness, qualified leads, and sales skyrocket when you appear on your targeted industry podcasts. Connect yourself with centers of influence so you and your business get the visibility you deserve.

Our Clients Are Leaders Just Like You

Strategically Increase Your Visibility

Your time is precious and so is your expertise. Podcasting is one of the most effective long-term marketing strategies to simultaneously build brand awareness and generate quality leads.

Interview Connections is the first and leading podcast booking agency. We book you on podcasts to put you in front of raving audiences, your next clients, speaking engagement connections, and more!

When you get interviewed on podcasts, you’re opening the doors to:

  • Growing your list of highly qualified leads
  • Receiving more networking opportunities with podcast hosts and guests
  • Increasing trust and credibility with potential clients
  • Booking more clients directly from podcasting efforts
  • Closing sales faster due to established expertise

When you work with us, you don’t just get a foot in the door.

You get a spotlight.

One that highlights your message and expertise while connecting you with quality leads.

Are You Ready to Shine?

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

We’re not “just experts in the industry.”

We started it.

In 2013, our founder Jessica Rhodes was booking podcast interviews before anyone else. We continue to prioritize innovation and excellence to ensure the success of your podcast tour.

At Interview Connections, your success is our success.

We don’t just hook you up with any show based on convenience. We are dedicated to learning your precise business goals.

Then, we pitch the best shows to help you reach them—regardless of whether we have an existing relationship with the hosts.

Working With Us Includes

Clear Strategy

On our Discovery Call, we’ll learn about you and your unique business goals. Then we’ll create a customized strategy for your podcast tour. Hit ‘record’ knowing every interview booked helps you accomplish your business goals—without the fluff!

Expertly Written Pitches

We don’t send cookie-cutter pitches that get lost in the inbox. When we pitch on your behalf, we completely customize them to highlight your expertise and the unique perspective you have on the industry.

High-Quality Show Bookings

You’re guaranteed connections with shows that are ready to interview you. Each show is deliberately chosen to best showcase your expertise and put you in front of high-quality leads.

Concierge Experience

Our Booking Agents are reliable in-house employees. We check-in with you at least once a week and you have the direct phone number to your designated Booking Agent. They’re with you every step of the way to ensure your podcast tour is an excellent experience with results that match!

Have a Podcast?

We can help you from both sides of the mic!

If you’re a podcast host, we can also help you book high-quality guests. Feel confident knowing you’ll never run out of speakers and you’re always interviewing experts with the knowledge your audience craves!

Your Interview Connections Team

Jessica Rhodes & Margy Feldhuhn

As the leading experts in the industry, Jessica and Margy know exactly how to use podcast guest appearances to scale your business. Together, they have over 11 years of experience helping clients achieve their biggest business goals with a customized podcasting strategy.

Jessica and Margy don’t just know what it’s like to dream big. They live it.

They’ve helped big-name clients like Ali Brown, Perry Marshall, and Aweber increase brand awareness and sales via podcasting. As co-hosts of their own show Rock the Podcast, they know exactly what it takes to scale a seven-figure business from both sides of the mic.

Whether you’re a podcast host, guest expert, or both, Jessica and Margy are the podcasting pros to turn your big business dreams into big revenue realities.

What Our Clients Have to Say…

100% ROI After Only 4 Podcast Interviews

Kristen Bowen

32 New Clients and Significant Revenue Increase from Podcast Guesting

Mark Willis

Over $150k in Sales from Podcast Interviews

Jack Bosch

Still Getting Leads from Years-Old Podcast Interviews

J. Massey

$20K in Speaking Fees from Podcast Guesting

Dave Sanderson

New Affiliate Partners and a Five Figure Course Launch

Stacey Brown Randall

Interviews Booked Per Year
ROI for Our Client Kristen After Just 4 Podcast Interviews
In Sales Generated from Podcast Interviews by Our Client Jack
New Clients Booked from Podcast Interviews by Our Client Mark

Let’s Work Together!

When you work with Interview Connections, you know the experts have your back.

We create a completely customized podcast tour that will “wow” new audiences, create dream opportunities, and highlight you as an industry leader.

Plus, we’ve got a killer track record for helping our clients reach their business goals. Like 4 confirmed clients and 3X ROI from the podcast interviews we booked!

Let us take care of your lead generation by booking your rockstar podcast tour. So you can focus on YOUR zone of genius (and watching your bank account boom)!

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