Why Repurpose Your Interviews?

All content is connected, and while you shouldn’t be rehashing the same old content, there’s no reason to let something as valuable as a podcast interview go to waste.

Of course, the episode itself will create some visibility, but there is so much more that we could be capitalizing on as experts in our field.

When you repurpose your interviews into content, it will give you more visibility to your audience, and it will help you rank on Google Search. In addition, you can link your related content, so it stands out to Google (because it loves links), marking you as a trusted site.

And when ranking for a term, it helps to have an umbrella of related content topics that will mark you as an authority in that field. For example, suppose you have a ton of different content explaining how best to promote small businesses through gorilla marketing. In that case, it will be ten times easier to rank for related terms.

How To Repurpose Your Podcast Interviews

There is much more content in a single podcast episode than you would expect. Just look at the transcript for one of your longer episodes, and you’ll know what we’re talking about! Below are some of the best ways to repurpose your podcast interviews into winning content.


One of the easiest ways to utilize your podcast interviews is to cut clips out of them and post them to Youtube Shorts or TikTok. With the correct snippet, you can give your audience either an incredible fact to take away with them or a brand new insight into why you do what you do.

It is a task that is easy to delegate with low production times and possibly no direct overhead cost. These platforms may not seem much to the untrained eye, but businesses have been blowing up once they get the algorithm to work for them.

This strategy is excellent if it’s video content as well, but you aren’t out of luck if it’s audio-only. Tools like Audiogram allow you to convert your audio into an engaging social video. It takes just a few minutes to make, and you can then post it on any of your social media accounts.

Blog Posts

Developing a new blog post idea every week can be challenging, so there’s nothing wrong with double-dipping into your podcast content.

Do Not just copy and paste the podcast transcript onto a blog page and call it a day. Not only is this lazy and unprofessional, but Google trains its search engine to recognize duplicate content like this. If your blog post gets flagged, it will never rank on Google and may hurt your site’s domain authority.

We have found the fastest ways to either edit the transcript down into a blog post or use the episode as a guide as you write from scratch. Either way, you already have your main and sub-topics, plus (if you are doing this yourself) you already know what you said and why it’s essential.

Be sure to follow all best practices for blog posts as you normally would.

  • Break up your text into sections of no more than 300 words, separated by headings or images.
  • Choose a high opportunity Keyword and optimize your post towards that.
  • Include relevant photos with related alt text attributes.
  • Maintain a consistent voice and tone throughout the post.
  • Don’t sell your product or service directly in the post. Insert a CTA at the top of the page.
  • Include plenty of internal and external links (varies depending on post length).
  • Proofread!

Social Media

There are almost too many ways to utilize your podcast content on social media for us to list. Plus, you can always crosspost any of the above options onto your social media accounts for even more visibility.

We would also recommend notifying your followers of your appearances and posting a link to the episode once it is up. If you are a guest, the host will ideally be making their post on social that you can follow up on.

You could break up a single episode of ideas into a month’s worth of Twitter posts and Instagram captions. So please look at where your prospects choose to spend their time online and take your content to them!

When To Repurpose Your Interviews

There is no wrong time to repurpose your interviews. So, if you already possess a tremendous backlog of content,
it’s a great option to take advantage of that, even if it isn’t fresh.

To start, though, focus on posting content that matches up with the topic of your most recent episode. The goal is for your content to be so great that it leads your prospect back to you, and as a bonus, your audience might listen to an episode they otherwise wouldn’t have.

If you make constant appearances and don’t have time to repurpose it all, you will want to think strategically about your posts. Instead of following up content with a post immediately, you can wait and see what kind of response it gets. If people love the episode, that signifies a topic deserving of follow-up blogs and social media posts.

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