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Can you help guest experts & podcast hosts?

Yes! We have services to help entrepreneurs rock the podcast from BOTH sides of the mic! We have plans for Guest Experts where we find and book you on podcasts speaking to your target audience. We also have services for podcast hosts where we find and book guests for your show. Learn more by applying here.

Do you book guests from outside your database?

You’ll never be limited to just the guest expert clients we represent. If our clients are a good fit for your podcast, we will suggest them to you.

Do you know the audience size of each podcast?

We do not always know the size of the podcasts we book clients on. As of now, podcast stats are not public so we evaluate podcasts on a number of other criteria. Check out our blog post on this question here.

How fast will I see an ROI from podcasting?

Podcast interviews are a brand building strategy so our answer is: it depends! Some of our clients see a great ROI in the first few months, while others commit to the strategy longer term knowing that podcast interviews are just one part of their overall marketing strategy. If you are in cash flow mode and need a quick financial return on your investment, then this may not be the best fit for your business right now.

Do I get to talk to my booking agent on the phone?

Yes! Our Booking Agents are full-time employees in our Rhode Island office. We email our clients once a week to check-in and you will have a direct phone number for your Agent once you get started.

If I apply to be a client today, am I obligated to sign up?

Nope! If you’re interested in taking the next step with us or setting up a call with our team to discuss how we may be able to serve you, fill out our online application. This in no way obligates you to sign up.