Convert the podcast host into your program

When we ask our clients at Interview Connections how they generate a return on their investment from our services, they always convert the show hosts into their program! When you deliver a great interview that the host and their listeners love, the host will likely ask how they can work with you!

Joint Venture With
The Podcast Host

Podcast hosts are influencers! When you give a great interview and remain open to the possibilities of a new relationship in business. The host will want to joint venture with you. There are so many ways to joint venture with a host, from doing an Instagram live together, co-moderating a clubhouse room, or even co-authoring a book!

Be Recommended
To Other Shows

You know that podcasts are a great way to increase your visibility, but it is also great for networking. For example, if a host loves what you have to say, they may recommend you to other hosts.

Checklist For Wowing Your Podcast Host

There are steps to take before every interview to make sure you are constantly wowing your host.

Come Prepared

It is imperative that you completely educate yourself on your topic. There’s no telling what a host will ask you, and you can’t blame them for bringing up something you weren’t prepared for.

– So read a few articles on the topic beforehand, and give yourself time to digest the information.

– Come with three statistics ready to shoot off the top of your head. It can create the difference between someone just regurgitating information they’ve read and someone who can tie it into the global context.

– Listen to a couple of episodes of the show beforehand. Get a feel for the host and how they like to interact with their guests. Maybe they love throwing curveball questions, and you can mentally prepare yourself.

– Research your host. Look into their background and achievements. While you want to impress them, it can be helpful to be impressed as well.

Be Useful, Not Intelligent

Don’t speak down to your hosts or the audience. Many people make the mistake of showing off their knowledge instead of giving a more straightforward answer that’s more helpful.

– Always try to answer the host’s questions, even if you think they aren’t thought through or on topic.

– Thank them for the privilege of being thereby providing real value to their audience.

– You have to be the expert you are selling yourself as because people can tell if you are faking your way through an interview.

– When you state a fact, add some context to make it more impactful to the listener.

Streamline Your CTA

If you are podcasting and you don’t have a fantastic call to action, then you’re wasting your time. Period. Here’s how to make sure you are making the most of your air time.

– Focus on providing solutions to specific problems instead of straight-up selling a service.

– Your CTA should come with an easy link that your prospects can follow, like a Facebook group or landing page.

– Make your CTA true to what you sell and believe. Creating new leads doesn’t matter if they won’t convert.

-Wait until the end of the episode to plug your CTA. The episode itself should remain focused on the topic, not your service.

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