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How to Write Interview Questions for Your One Sheet

When you are a guest expert on podcasts, a one sheet is an essential part of your interview toolkit.  A one sheet showcases your expertise in a concise and attractive way to let podcast hosts know who you are and what you have to offer their audience. A well-crafted one sheet will give a host all the information they need to not only decide if they want to have you on their show, but also how to contact you and set up the interview.

One of the most important elements of a one sheet and the element that stumps most guest experts is suggested interview questions.  When a podcast host sees your one sheet, they may or may not know anything about you.  By reading your suggested interview questions, they get a sneak peak into what an interview with you would sound like. Having great interview questions on your one sheet will allow you to have some control over how you are going to be positioned before the show’s audience.

So how do you pick the best interview questions for your one sheet?  Here are my 3 top tips:

  1. Review your content – To start writing the best interview questions, start by reviewing all the content you have produced.  Read through your blog posts, watch your videos, read your white papers, etc, and determine what you most popular topics are.  Check Google Analytics, look at your download numbers, and grab the topics that are most popular with your audience.
  1. Pull questions from your online courses – If you have an online course, that can be a great place to pull interview questions from.  What topics are you already teaching people about that you could confidently and enthusiastically  relay during an interview?
  1. Frequently asked questions – Whether you have published content or not, one of the best sources for interview questions are your FAQ’s from your clients or potential clients.  What are people constantly asking you about?  What problems are you always helping people solve?  One question I am asked all the time is “Does audience size really matter?” This is a topic I love speaking about and something I know listeners want to know about.  So naturally, I have this included on my one sheet!

Take the topics and questions you gather from the above techniques and craft them into awesome interview questions for your one sheet.  Contact me and the team at Interview Connections, and we can create a gorgeous one sheet to get you interviews on great podcasts.