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When Will I See Results?

When Will I See Results?

How soon after signing up with Interview Connections will my interviews go live? In other words, how soon will I see results?

This is a common question I’m asked on the initial consultation call with new Interview Connections clients and I get it: you’re excited! You have a clear goal in mind and you’re anxious to see results. Podcast interviews require patience because each interview you do is a high quality, produced show that will be available online for listeners to download for months and years to come!

That being said, let’s talk about when you will see results with your podcast interviews, and what kinds of results you can expect to see.


Discovery Process: Week 1-4

As a client of Interview Connections, you’ll first experience our Discovery Process which lasts roughly 3-4 weeks. First, we do an intake call where we learn your story and goals, and then a week or so later, we have a one hour strategy call to get clear on how we’re positioning you to podcast hosts. On the strategy call, we talk in depth about the topics and questions for your one sheet and our agents get educated on your business model and who your target audience is. Next, we create your one sheet (including the copy and graphic design) and finally, we present you with a list of podcasts to approve.

Some experts want to sign up and get pitched the next day, and while that timeline is satisfying to the entrepreneur who flies by the seat of their pants, it’s not a recipe for success. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable being represented by someone who hasn’t taken the time to really get clear on my message and my goals which we have found does not happen in just one call.

Pitching & Connections: Weeks 5-8

After we complete our Discovery Process, we start pitching you to your approved list of podcasts. Podcast interviews are in high demand, and hosts (even those who launched a show this month) are getting pitched by guest experts who want a spotlight on their stage. Interview Connections has been around since 2013, so our relationships with podcasters run deep, which is great news for you because we can often get responses fairly quickly when we pitch. Our clients typically get their first few bookings within the first 2-3 weeks of our pitches going out.

Recording Interviews and Interviews Going Live: Week 8+

You’ll be recording your interviews anywhere from 2-6 weeks after you are connected with the host and recording the interviews is the most exciting part! Not just because it’s a privilege and a joy to have the opportunity to share your story, but because you are now developing new relationships with fellow entrepreneurs in your industry: the podcast hosts.

“I consider it a privilege to share my story” –Nik Hawks on Rock The Podcast

Our client Tanya Conner-Green got an 8x return on her investment with Interview Connections from her relationships with the podcast hosts alone! That’s right, before an interview ever went live, she generated over $18k in revenue for her business by using our services.

So don’t get caught up in the audience size or download stats. If you focus on your relationship with the podcast hosts, you’ll see results fast.

Remember that every podcast host has a different production schedule. Some hosts air interviews they record within a week or two after recording, and others have a backlog of several months.

In my experience, when you deliver immense value to the audience and you cultivate a relationship with the presence of gratitude, you can ask them to air the interview at a specific time. This is especially helpful when you have a book launch and you want your interview to be published on a particular week.

Are you ready to get results from podcast interviews? Work with Interview Connections! Apply today.