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Top 4 Benefits of Going on Shows a Second (Or Third) Time

Top 4 Benefits of Going on Shows a Second (Or Third) Time

Many of our clients at Interview Connections have become seasoned interviewees. If you feel like you’ve been on every podcast in your niche, but don’t want to stop getting booked, you should know there are huge benefits to being a repeat guest on a show you’ve already appeared on.

Here are the top 4 Benefits of going on shows for a follow-up interview:

Rapport with the Host

The ice has been broken! If you were a friendly and engaging guest (and we know you were!) the host already knows, likes and trusts you so your second interview will be even better. Also, in second interviews, hosts will reference back to the first interview, motivating listeners to go back and listen to your original appearance!

Engaged Audience

A podcast that has been publishing content consistently for a year or more is going to have a bigger and more engaged audience now than it did during your first appearance

Returning for a part 2 will remind old listeners of who you are, and introduce you to new listeners!

The Rule of Seven

It takes 7 “touches” for prospects to take action. Listeners who heard your first interview will be more likely to take action and connect with you after hearing you for the second time.

Fresh Content

Don’t go on a show for a second time to answer the same questions. That would be silly and repetitive. When we pitch you to a “repeat” host, we’ll showcase what NEW content you can share with their audience. Sharing a new book, project, or topics you didn’t get to in part 1 will ensure the content is fresh is valuable for old and new listeners.

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