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Peter Lang

50 leads and 10 new clients for 8x ROI

“I invested in Interview Connections to get booked on 15 podcasts over the course of 3 months, and in that short time, I got 50 leads from the podcasts I appeared on and 10 new clients resulting in an 8x ROI! I highly recommend working with Interview Connections if you want to transform your business with qualified leads and new clients!”

John Lanza

Interview Connections Dug Deep to Truly Understand My Message

“I’m so glad I decided to work with Interview Connections. They dug deep during the Discovery Process to truly understand my message and our company DNA. The one sheets they created were spot on. All this prep work led to their pitching me to a much wider range of podcasts than I would have pursued on my own. It’s also wonderful having smart folks saying things about you and your company that might otherwise sound self serving.”

Wendy Yellen

2 New Private Clients and a 2x Return on Investment within 6 Months

“Working with Interview Connections has been a wonderful and actually fun experience. My Booking Agent team really takes the time to strategize with me to understand my message and they book me on unique shows where I can demonstrate my expertise by allowing the podcast hosts to experience Eidetics with me on their show. After just 6 months, I have two wonderful, new and very aligned mentoring clients; booked a Private Event with one podcast host, featuring me as sole presenter; my website traffic has increased exponentially and I’ve doubled the number of downloads for my free Spiritual Manifesto”

Jim Palmer

Over 300 Interviews & 6 Figures in Revenue from Podcast Interviews

In the last few years, Interview Connections has booked over 300 podcast interviews for me as a guest on other shows, and for my podcast, Dream Business Radio. The connections I’ve made with this strategy have translated directly to over six figures in new revenue for my company.

Tanya Conner-Green

$18,000 in New Revenue In The First 5 Months

I have been a client of Interview Connections for five months and after recording six interviews, I signed up a new coaching client, found a new business coach for myself and got a paid training gig. I’ve brought in 8x what I’ve invested! It’s also worth mentioning these results all happened BEFORE the interviews were live so the relationships with the hosts have been gold! On top of the no-brainer ROI, podcast interviews are so much fun!

Moran Pober

One Podcast Resulted in Over $100,000 of Revenue

“One podcast interview I was on generated over $100k in deals and business! I highly recommend Interview Connections for getting booked on high-quality podcasts.”

Richard Chapo

A Return on Investment of 450% in Under a Year

“I’ve been working with Interview Connections for over a year and have seen a great return on my investment. I’ve picked up multiple leads and new clients from several of the interviews they booked me on. I highly recommend their service!”

Dr. Glenn Livingston

300,000 Downloads of Kindle Book

“I have been a client for Interview Connections for about 3 years and in part due to podcast exposure, I have had almost 300k downloads of my Kindle book since working with them!”

Perry Marshall

“When I published my book, Evolution 2.0 I signed up with Interview Connections to get me on high-quality podcasts to talk about the subject matter in my book. They had booked me on a lot of their client’s podcasts in the past so I knew how well they worked. I now use them to book me on leading marketing podcasts to teach entrepreneurs about the 80/20 rules for sales and marketing. I highly recommend Interview Connections for any high achieving entrepreneur who wants to get booked on podcasts as a guest expert.”

Lee Caraher

“I’ve been super pleased with the Interview Connections team. They do a great job of matching me up with best podcasts to be a guest on – podcasts where I can provide value to the host and his or her audience and that help me reach my goals. First class.”