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Your Roadmap To Podcast Interview Success

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How can you evaluate what podcasts are doing for you as a podcast guest? After listening to this episode of Rhodes to Success, you will walk away with a clear blueprint on what you should be doing in order to get value and measurable activity and results as a podcast guest.

I’m not sure if and when these podcasts are being released.

  • Stay in the loop when interviews are being scheduled.
  • Create an internal spreadsheet to track the hosts, recording date, website, mailing address.
  • Most hosts should email the guests when the podcast is live.
  • If 6-8 weeks have passed and you haven’t heard if an interview has gone live, reach out to the host and ask.
  • As soon as the interview ends, ask when the episode is scheduled to be released.

I’m not sure if anything of value, measurable activity, is coming out of them [podcasts] for my sales funnel.

  • In order to get measurable activity from podcast interviews, you have to give a clear call to action that can result in measurable activity.
  • Give one clear and specific call to action.
  • Be clear on who should be taking the action. E.g. “If you are…, I invite you to set up a free 15-minute call with me.”

John Pollock’s Advice

  • Rather than give out the corporate site, give out a funnel, such as LeadPages, and test them.
  • If the people from the podcast go into a funnel and it doesn’t work, then you need to change the page.
  • Podcasting is marketing. Think of every podcast as a different audience, and you need to share that you are on a podcast.
  • Podcasting is a symbiotic relationship. Guests need to promote the podcast too.

What makes a landing page convert?

  • Be really specific with the headline.
  • Headlines are the number one thing you can change out to increase conversions.
  • Make sure your images speak to what is going on with your landing page.
  • Ensure the form has a huge call to action button.
  • The call to action button should not simply be ‘submit.’
  • Landing pages shouldn’t have menu items. There should be one specific goal.   
  • Spend time on copywriting. This will convince someone to take action on your page.

Promoting Your Episode

  • Doing the interview is only one part; there is a lot more you have to do in order to leverage the interviews.
  • To get results from podcast listeners, you can’t just rely on the host to do all the marketing to your audience.
  • The strategy is to use a multimedia approach using images, videos, and podcasts.
  • Use Meet Edgar to republish old content and cycle in new images.
  • Add your podcast interviews on a media page so they are in one place.
  • Always tag the host when you post on platforms.


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How can you leverage your guest podcasting activity? Find out w/  @JessRhodesBiz www.jessicarhodes.biz    

How can you evaluate what podcasts are doing for you as a podcast guest?  Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz www.jessicarhodes.biz 

How To Be A Great Guest Expert on Podcasts

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Everyone wants to be a guest but how can you be a great guest? This episode on Rhodes to Success I share my top tips for being an in demand guest and make the experience the best for both you and the host.

Key Lessons Learned:

1. Be easy to work with and help the host prepare.

  • Make the host’s job as easy as possible. 
  • When the host feels you are being helpful they will be more excited to interview you.
  • Be easy to schedule.
  • Have your SkypeID, headshot, bio and potential interview questions ready.

2. Confirm the date/time with the host, show up on time and don’t reschedule.

  • Respect the hosts time.

3. Use a good microphone and headphones and record in a quiet space.

  • ATR2100: Audio Technica 2100 is a good microphone.
  • Always wear headphones so the hosts voice doesn’t come out of the speakers and go back into the recording.

4. Send the host a copy of your book ahead of time.

  • This is sending a gift as well as information to help them prepare for the interview.
  • Offer to send a hard copy rather than an e-book.

5. Listen to the show before your interview so you know what the host’s style is and read the host’s bio so you can connect with them better 

  • Listen to at least one episode or part of a few episodes.
  • Get to know the hosts show flow.
  • If you listen to the show it gives you an opportunity to give them a review on iTunes.

6. Thank you!! You can’t say it enough.

7. Ask the host who their target audience and ask how you can make the interview a home run.

  • Most hosts will be surprised by this approach.
  • This demonstrates to the host you care about their show and not just promoting your own agenda.
  • Tailor your interview to the audience based on the host’s answer.

8. Use the host’s name throughout conversation 

  • Using the hosts name wraps them into the interview and spotlights them to their audience.
  • If you spotlight the host, you will be spotlighted in return. This is the power of reciprocity.

9. Tailor your answers to them and their audience. Help make them look good. Compliment them 

  • Make the host look good.

10. Give a ton of value. This is not an advertisement for your business. 

  • Podcasts aren’t about talking about your services but rather about providing value to the audience.

11. Give a clear call to action for what you want listeners to do and it’s all about how you position your free gift. Make it special and make it valuable. 

  • Only give one call to action.
  • Position your offer so the listener feels that only they are receiving it.
  • More than 50% of podcast listeners hear podcasts via the phone. So a text based call to action is a solid approach.

12. Follow up with the host and thank them again.

  • Find a way to help the host reach their goals.

13. Share the show and help their audience grow. 

14. 20% of the work is the interview, 80% of the work is you promoting and marketing it.

  • Don’t just share the show once when it goes live. Put it in your social media rotation.

15. Decide to commit.

  • This strategy does not always produce immediate results.
  • Sometimes the kind of show you think you want to be on is not putting you in front of the people who most resonate with your message. 
  • Be prepared to tweak the content.
  • Know you might not see a return on investment immediately.



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The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic 

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What are the top tips for being a great podcast guest expert? Find out w/  @JessRhodesBiz www.jessicarhodes.biz  

Want to be an amazing podcast guest? Get the strategy on this episode of Rhodes to Success @JessRhodesBiz www.jessicarhodes.biz