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Relaunch Yourself With A New Feel For Your Business: Hilary DeCesare

Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning entrepreneur, host of The Silver Lined ReLaunch, and is featured on many major networks, including ABC’s The Secret Millionaire.

Hilary specializes in launching or relaunching businesses by giving the proven foundational elements and steps needed when navigating the start to finish of building a company according to her Make, Grow, Keep Method.

She firmly believes “Now is your time” and partners with women that are ready to go all in and hit the reset button. This starts with covering the 6 main pillars in her program: Clarity, mindset, time management, marketing, sales, and leadership.

What It Means To Relaunch Yourself

Midlife has become a massive area. 

It can be anywhere from age 35 to 55. People ranging from college graduates to 60-70-year-olds realize they aren’t where they want to be. So many people feel they need to love their lives and love their jobs, and the reality is that they’re not even at the like stage. 

They keep it to themselves, and they don’t share that with others because there are a lot of feelings of guilt and shame associated with not wholly loving your life. This kind of midlife identity crisis can happen at any age.

We all are searching for the silver bullet. “If I find the right guy or if I get the right job,” etc., then we think that we will be happy. Unfortunately, that feeling is only fleeting – that man or that job will not give you what you need for long-term happiness.

Your Silver Linings Playbook

We can’t look back on what happened to us and ignore the silver linings that got us to where we are. After 100+ interviews on Hilary’s podcast, there hasn’t been one person who she’s interviewed that would change some of the most horrific relaunches and transitions they’ve been through because it was those transitions that got them to where they are now.

They are where they are because of what they’ve been through, not despite it.

Understanding The Fear Blocking Your Relaunch

Our world is starting to value emotional intelligence in a way that it never has before. As a result, emotions are no longer viewed as weaknesses. 

There’s so much going on in that resistance to feeling, feeling like you have to be happy, or you have to be fearless. You have to feel the fear to get on the other side of it.

Hilary recommends that we ask ourselves, “Is it showing up in my body?” Our bodies give us every indication – and yet we often ignore it. When you realize that your body is telling you something and you ignore it, that’s when things start to build up.

Hilary asks us to think about it. Instead of pushing it off, ignoring it, and putting walls up, you instead think about why I have that feeling in my chest?

Trusting Your Gut Can Take You A Long Way

Why is it that you get uncomfortable before a major decision?  

Take a pause because your higher-self intuition is trying to get to your head and trying to give you some vital information. So try and listen to it.

People tend to ignore these signals because they just don’t want to deal with them. But Hilary explains that they’ll just keep showing up somehow. Hilary calls them BUGS: Beliefs Under Ground Surfacing.

At night you see that one ant on your kitchen counter, and you kill it. Then when you wake up the following day, you see hundreds of ants because you didn’t deal with it!

We keep pushing down our BUGS, and then all of a sudden, these limiting beliefs end up boiling over.

“I’m tired of knocking. You’re not opening the door. I’m gonna blow your door off!” 

That’s when you’re in that state of crisis. But you don’t have to be there! Instead, you can be in a state of relaunch, which will take you out of crisis mode and get you on that path to get you to your next chapter.

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