Our Team

Matt De Lisle (he/him)


With years of experience in management and recruiting, Matt joined the Interview Connections team in December 2018 as the team manager. After earning his Bachelor’s in communications, Matt was thrilled to start in an industry on the rise with supportive leadership. After Matt joined, he helped Interview Connections hit their goal of earning $1 million in revenue. Matt’s favorite part of managing the team is hearing the excitement from clients after their first interview. When Matt isn’t cheering on the team or clients, he can be found playing soccer, or watching The Office on repeat, again.

Favorite podcast? Up and Vanished!

Sarah Mae Fleming (she/her)


Sarah Mae joined Interview Connections in August 2019. She holds dual degrees in English literature and film analysis. Her love of research and media drew her to become a Podcast Researcher, and she has since become the Junior Operations Manager! Sarah Mae works behind the scenes, leading the operations and the marketing team. She has authored published essays about Get Out, There Will Be Blood, and the films of the Coen Brothers, which you can read on her film blog! When Sarah Mae isn’t helping Interview Connections run smoothly, she can be found watching a movie, kayaking, or eating pho.

Favorite podcast? The A24 Podcast!

Brittany Phillips (she/they)


Brittany made her way to Interview Connections in November 2019 after studying communications and media studies. Coming from a background in radio (hosting both 90s on 9 and The Brit Show), Brittany was immediately drawn to the world of podcasting. Her favorite part of her booking agent role is nurturing connections with her clients, as well as the producers and hosts in the podcast industry. Brittany is also happy to have the opportunity to flex her writing muscles. When Brittany isn’t connecting her clients on podcasts, you can find her producing her own (to be named) podcast! 

Favorite podcast? Last Podcast on the Left!


Nathan Peavey (he/him)


Nathan came to Interview Connections in May 2017 after earning his Bachelor’s in English. Drawn by his love and appreciation of podcasts, Nathan became a booking agent and is has been a Team Lead since 2019! Nathan is most passionate about his ability to advocate for both his clients and his teammates. When Nathan isn’t booking entrepreneurs on podcasts, he loves reading, watching movies, or hanging out with his newly adopted cat, named Birthday Cake.

Favorite podcast? The Adventure Zone!

Riley Baez-Bradway (he/him)


After working in a podcast production studio for two years, Riley found his way to Interview Connections in July 2019 as a booking agent. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Media Production and has always been searching for a creative application for his technical experience. Riley is passionate about client relationships and making clients feel like they’re a part of the Interview Connections family, and since his promotion to Team Lead, he’s particularly enjoyed rallying his team members to reach new heights. When Riley isn’t combining his love of writing and technology at the office, he can be found writing electronic music, watching baseball, studying languages, or enjoying long walks with his spouse.

Favorite podcast? Radio Omniglot!

Anthony Elwell (he/him)


Armed with a decade of experience in client service, Anthony joined the team at Interview Connections this year. Anthony was drawn to the opportunity to offer highly-personalized customer service with a wide array of different, and interesting clients. Anthony’s favorite aspect of being a booking agent is getting to work in the podcast industry while embracing his love of helping others. Outside of work, Anthony can be found hanging out with his boxer, Loki, or playing video games. 

Favorite podcast? Kinda Funny Games Daily!

Mariana Chiulli (she/her)


Mariana has been with Interview Connections since August 2018, after earning her degree in psychology, with a double minor in creative writing and sociology. Mariana’s love for writing and deep interest in human connection drew her to become a booking agent. She is especially passionate about working with clients in the mental health industry and helping them share their stories and expertise. When Mariana isn’t booking her clients on podcasts, she’s probably working on her candle collection, or playing with her cat, Salem, and her dog, Logan. 

Favorite podcast? True North Strange & Weird!

Emily Kelly (she/her)


Emily started at Interview Connections in October 2018 after earning her degree in English writing and rhetoric. Her interests in both writing and podcasts led Emily to join the team as a booking agent. She loves the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, and Emily especially loves to book successful female entrepreneurs on podcasts. Outside of work, you can find Emily painting, reading, or finding a new mug for her growing collection.

Favorite Podcast? And That’s Why We Drink!

Jon Huot (he/him)


After studying in communications, Jon joined Interview Connections in November 2019 as a booking agent. Jon’s unrelenting desire to learn about the podcasting industry and his exceptional customer service expertise made him a perfect fit. His favorite part of booking clients on podcasts is helping people with an opportunity to share their stories. Aside from podcasts, Jon’s other main area of interest is going to New England Revolution soccer games. 

Favorite podcast? That’s easy, he produces and co-hosts Six States One Podcast!

Kelli Noonan (she/her)


Kelli joined Interview Connections in January 2020 after receiving her degree in theater studies. Kelli loves the world of storytelling, leading her to pursue a career in the podcast industry. The best thing about being a booking agent for Kelli is getting to know her clients and having the ability to advocate for them. Kelli is especially passionate about helping women increase their representation in the media. Outside of Interview Connections, Kelli might be working on hand painting a Tarot card deck, or working in the Theater company she started, Third Eye Theater Troupe. 

Favorite podcast? Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness!

Dan Pomfret (he/him)


After studying Jazz guitar and working in the hospitality industry, Dan made his way to Interview Connections in March 2020. Dan’s love of podcasts and interest in honing his communication skills led him to join the IC team. Since becoming a booking agent, Dan loves learning about his clients and excels in understanding their needs and delivering results. Dan also thrives in a team environment, and prides himself on harmonizing with his colleagues. Outside of work, you can find Dan cooking, biking, film-watching, or making as much music as he possibly can as a solo artist, or in his bands Toad and the Stooligans & The Morgana Phase! 

Favorite Podcast? Broken Record with Rick Rubin and Malcom Gladwell!

Alyssa Anderson (she/her)


After earning a degree in Mass Media Communications and English Rhetoric and Writing, Alyssa joined the Interview Connections team in March of 2020. Versed in all forms of media communication, and with a background in customer service since her high school days, this was a perfect fit for Alyssa. She also writes, in her spare time, for Rhode Island Monthly and Newport Life Magazine, and has published both fiction and non-fiction. When she isn’t at work, Alyssa loves to watch baseball and nostalgic cartoons from her childhood, discuss film and television with her fellow veterans of the Rhode Island College Communications program, play Dungeons & Dragons with her friends, and practice any number of instruments she’s managed to pick up over the years. 

Favorite Podcast? The NoSleep Podcast!

Sara Breslin (she/they)


Sara graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Rhode Island in 2014. Since graduating, Sara has been working with the public to help them gain access to beautiful artwork! After joining Interview Connections in 2020, Sara helps business owners and entrepreneurs have their voices heard on podcasts. When she’s not booking you on podcasts, you can find her in her studio working on watercolor portraits of children with rare diseases for the Rare Disease Foundation of Rhode Island or doing magical illustrations. 

Favorite Podcast? Lore!

Lindsay Tarbox (she/her)


Lindsay joined Interview Connections in March 2020 with over 15 years of experience in various service-based industries. She was drawn to the company as a way to express her passion for people, podcasts, and creative writing, and particularly loves working alongside authors and publishing companies. Her favorite part about being a booking agent is listening to client interviews after they’ve gone live and collaborating with the Interview Connections team. Outside of work, Lindsay can be found lost in a good book, catching her favorite bands playing at local venues, or cultivating her indoor jungle.

Favorite podcast? Attitudes! with Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson

Patrick Heggi


After focusing on Global Studies at the University of Vermont and his years as a Manager and Marketing Coordinator in the restaurant industry, Patrick arrived at Interview Connections! Patrick was drawn to the booking agent position because he wanted to work for the first and leading company podcast booking agency! He is uber competitive and wanted to be with the best in the biz. Patrick feels that his love for networking and communication and to his ability to make people smile makes him an ideal booking agent. Patrick is also a national champion competitive jump-roper and was voted best all around senior boy by his peers at Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, Massachusetts. What else does a guy need in life? Outside of work, you’ll find Patrick running, playing competitive soccer, or trying the best new restaurants he can find!

Favorite podcast? The Tip Share, By Restaurant Solutions, Inc!


Tim Batzinger (he/him)


Tim started at Interview Connections in August 2019 as a podcast show researcher. Tim has a Bachelor’s in graphic design and has always been drawn to different aspects of the media industry. His favorite thing about researching podcasts is taking a deep dive into just how many unique podcasts not only exist, but thrive. When Tim isn’t finding the next cutting-edge podcast, he can be found working on freelance graphic design projects or playing soccer. 

Favorite podcast? Daily Zeitgeist!

Gabby McCauley (she/her)


After obtaining her degree in Theater Performance and working as a social media and marketing associate for Burbage Theater Company, Gabby found her way to Interview Connections in the summer of 2020, and was recently promoted to Research Team Lead! Gabby loves stretching her creativity muscles when finding shows for our client’s niches. The most exciting part of her job though, which is also her favorite, is creating the perfect first list for new clients! Gabby loves the (now virtual) atmosphere of Interview Connections, the work itself, and the ability to be active within a booming entertainment industry. When Gabby isn’t finding the perfect shows for our clients, you can find her making charcuterie boards at home, reading plays, and going on hikes.

Favorite podcast? You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes!

James Lucey (he/him)


James joined the team at Interview Connections this year after studying History at Rhode Island College. As a history graduate, James loves diving deep into niche topics, which makes him a fantastic podcast researcher. He was drawn to come work with us here because of our exciting and exuberant company culture! Something you might not know about James is that he is an ordained minister! Presiding over his friend’s wedding was one of the proudest moments of his life. Outside of work, James likes to cook, go running, play guitar, and discover new music. Oh, and he’s an actor and writer at Burbage Theatre Company!

Favorite podcast? The Bodega Boys!


Ava Mascena (she/her)


Ava joined Interview Connections in March 2020 after receiving her degree in Musical Theater and working (as well as performing!) at Trinity Repertory Theater. Ava takes pride in remaining calm through the storm, and keeping everything organized in our high-paced environment! She was drawn to Interview Connections because of our creative atmosphere, and as the administrative assistant, it’s the perfect blend for Ava’s impeccable organizational skills and love for media and the arts. When Ava isn’t helping everyone at Interview Connections stay focused and organized, you can find her singing, playing the guitar or violin, or creating face masks, bath, and metaphysical products for her Etsy store, Moonlit Rabbit! 

Favorite podcast? My Brother My Brother and Me!


Kelly Ahern


Kelly joined the Interview Connections team in February 2020 after completing her double major studies in communications and art at the University of Rhode Island. As a New Media Strategist, Kelly loves talking to and understanding the needs of a wide variety of people. Her favorite part about being at Interview Connections is the team environment and the opportunity to grow in the company! When Kelly isn’t putting her Master’s in communication to work, you can catch her at the beach!

Favorite podcast? The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial!