Learn how the leading Podcast Guest Booking Agency helps thousands of entrepreneurs monetize the microphone on podcasts.

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This 5 day masterclass teaches the A-Z of Podcast Guesting,
and we will build every single layer of the strategy LIVE together.

On June 7th – 11th Make sure to block
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Our mission is to help established business owners build valuable
connections with their direct audience.

Podcast guesting is the simplest and easiest way to accomplish this and
we can’t wait to teach you everything we know about our
AMAZING strategy!

Jess & Margy
Co-Owners of Interview Connections

Don’t just take our word for it,
here’s what others are doing with our
Podcast Guesting Method

“We can attribute $150,000 in sales from the 48 podcast interviews we did in 2019!”
~ Jack and Michelle Bosch, Orbit Investments
“Interview Connections has been like rocket fuel or our business.Out of just the last 13 shows we’ve interviewed with,we have 68 new leads. Over the last 12 months,we’ve had over 100 leads and 32 new clients!”
~ Mark Willis, Lake Growth Financial Services
"I've closed $52,000 in sales from the podcasts booked by Interview Connections!"
~Mia Hewett, Aligned Intelligence™
“My company gained massive exposure from podcast guesting, and I saw a 100% ROI!”
~Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, AndTech Solutions
"Thanks to the podcasts booked by Interview Connections, I've closed two high ticket clients totaling $48,000 in sales!"
~Paul Ross, Speaker and Sales Trainer
“I made a $13,000 sale from just one interview and the best part is, she came to the consult call saying she was already sold after the podcast interview”
~Chris Kenney, Chris Kenney Coaching

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