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Live Event Power

I decided this year that I will make a point to feature each week a live event that I will either be attending, speaking at, or sponsoring in my email newsletter. I am doing this not only to bring exposure to events that I want to help but to recommend conferences that I know will be valuable for you to attend.

I have been hearing recently “I’m going to limit the conferences I attend this year and try to just go to one or two.”

I honestly don’t know why you’d limit the number of conferences you attend! Going to live events and meeting people face to face is hands down more effective than any marketing tactic you can do online. Here are a few reasons why you should attend live events and how they will help you:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person!
  2. Make new friends and build relationships with people who will help you and your podcast/business grow.
  3. Meet podcast hosts who will interview you on their podcast.
  4. Meet guests for your podcast.
  5. Get new clients!
  6. Land speaking gigs for future events.
  7. Have fun! Entrepreneurship is lonely and any opportunity to bond with other business owners is a good one.

This year, I am attending, sponsoring and speaking at several events that I will be featuring at the bottom of my weekly e-zine (subscribe now by entering your name and email on the side bar of my website!) What conferences are you attending this year?