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Launching and Promoting your Book

In this Zoom call, I was joined by Julie Broad, founder of Book Launchers to facilitate a Q&A about how to successfully launch and promote your book.

Watch the replay of our call to learn:

  • What Book Launchers does and how many books you can expect to sell by going on a live tour across the country
  • What Interview Connections does and how podcast interviews can help with your book launch
  • How to get on bigger podcasts when you don’t meet their criteria
  • Tips for writing an effective pitch
  • How to know if you’re ready to handle the pressure of being on a big show
  • Ways to set clear expectations with the host so you are set up for success
  • How to get exposure for your book in magazines and at events
  • How many months before your book launch you should start getting booked for podcasts
  • What is a one sheet?
  • How to get on podcasts when your topic is super niche
  • Are there a lot of podcasts for Christian books?
  • Service options with Interview Connections and Book Launchers  


Links mentioned:

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